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Peggy and the rest of the SSR arrive at the theater to investigate the deaths. Sousa finds the canister and accidentally sprays himself with it. He attacks Thompson and Peggy pulls him off. 

Dottie and Dr. Ivchenko are pulled over after she runs a stop light. The officer is about to let them go when he hears an APB out matching her description. 

At the SSR, Sousa is back to normal and the agents are trying to figure out what the doctor's plan for the rest of the canisters is. Howard Stark arrives to offer assistance. 

Howard explains that the gas was developed to keep soldiers awake, but it failed because it caused symptoms of sleep deprivation such as anger. 

Howard offers to be the bait to catch Dr. Ivchenko, aka Dr. Fennhoff who they realized used hypnosis to get to Dooley. Peggy takes him to the lab so he can get his own bullet proof vest and he grabs the blitzkrieg button when she's not looking. 

Thompson holds a press conference informing everyone that all charges against Stark have been dropped. Shots are fired and Stark is abducted. Peggy discovers the rifle was a diversion. She and Thompson realize that Time Square is the target. 

Dr. Ivchenko reveals that his brother died because of the gas, called midnight oil. He uses the hypnosis ring to ask Stark what he would change if he could, and he hallucinates flying to save Captain America. Peggy arrives as he's taking off in his plane with the midnight oil. 

Jarvis offers to fly after him and take him down if necessary. 

Peggy approaches Dottie and the doctor at gun point, but Dottie kicks the gun out of her hands and they fight. Peggy throws her out the window.

Peggy tries to talk Stark out of his hallucination before he releases the gas on New York. Peggy finally gets through to him and tells Jarvis to stand down.

Sousa takes down the doctor wearing ear plugs to avoid being hypnotized. 

Thompson gets the credit for saving the city. Sousa is bothered but Peggy is not. Sousa invites Peggy for a drink, but she says another time. 

Stark offers a new home for Peggy and Angie to share. Jarvis informs Peggy that Stark intends to destroy all of his inventions, but Jarvis gives Peggy the vial of blood. She pours the blood out in the ocean. 




Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Stark:How's that look?
Jarvis: Like a nest of spiders with very short legs.
Stark: That's good enough.

Peggy: How are you now?
Sousa: I still want to kill Thompson, but no more than usual.