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In Russia, 1943, the Russian doctor is helping to distract a soldier as he gets his leg amputated with no anesthesia using his hypnosis. 

In present time, Sousa, Thompson, and Dooley are interrogating Peggy who is trying to convince them that there is a trained killer out there that they need to find. 

Jarvis arrives and asks for Dooley claiming he has a signed confession from Howard Stark. Jarvis tells them the final signature page will be sent over as soon as he and Peggy are sent free. Dooley says he'll let them go if Stark comes in person and they agree. Dooley tells Peggy she'll be free from prosecution, but that she's also out of the SSR.

In private, Jarvis admits to Peggy that he forged the confession. He tells her he panicked and thought he could buy them some time to clear Stark's name. 

Dottie is communicating with the Russian doctor via Morse code again and Peggy notices. He tells her to prepare for evacuation and in 90 minutes Leviathan is coming. 

Peggy confesses in hopes that they'll believe her about the message she intercepted. When they doubt her, she shows them the vial of Captain America's blood. Sousa believes her and Dooley sends them across the street to check it out. 

The doctor hypnotizes Dooley into locking Peggy and Jarvis in an interrogation room and into taking him to the lab. 

Dottie eludes capture from Sousa and Thompson and picks up the doctor who has stolen something from the lab. 

Thompson releases Peggy and Jarvis and they find Dooley locked in his office wearing a vest that explodes when it overheats. When the scientists don't know what to do to stop it, Dooley jumps through a window and it explodes in mid-air. 

Dottie leaves the stolen invention in a movie theater and when she activates it, it releases a gas that makes everyone kill each other. 

Marvel's Agent Carter
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Marvel's Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Peggy: Have you ever been hanged, Mr. Jarvis?
Jarvis: Can't say that I have, no.
Peggy: It is quite unpleasant.

Maybe at first, or perhaps I didn't trust our greatest capitalist with such a prize, but I couldn't bring it here either, and for that I don't know the answer. I suppose I just wanted a second chance at keeping him safe.