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Peggy and Daniel acquire the warrant they're in need of to search Isodyne Energy to find evidence of their foul play in the death of a frozen young girl. Unfortunately for the SSR team, Isodyne Energy is one step ahead of them and has already begun clearing out the assets that they are in search of. 

Dr. Jason Wilkes decides to risk his career to help Peggy by sharing everything he knows about Zero Matter with her on a dinner and dancing date. Danger is at hand for both Peggy and Jason, as their evening is cut short when Isodyne catches up to them, determined to eliminate anyone who knows their secrets. 

Elsewhere, Peggy meets Daniel's new girlfriend, Violet, and the two immediately hit it off, much to Daniel's dismay. Daniel's feelings for Peggy are still a bit complicated, and while he considers making his relationship with Violet more permanent, Peggy's sudden reappearance in his life is making him question his romantic future. 

Jarvis continues to chase Howard Stark's flamingo, and also proves to be Peggy's greatest ally when she uses the car he's given her to signal for an emergency SOS.

Whitney Frost holds all of the answers about Zero Matter, but a deadly accident may stop her from sharing information.

Marvel's Agent Carter
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