Topher's Eyes - Marvel's Runaways
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Topher followed Molly because he heard about the girl with the "yellow eyes." Nico places him in a cone of silence so that the group can talk and debate about him. Molly wants him to stay while Gert, Alex and Chase want him gone.

Topher rubs a liquid into his arm and his eyes glow. He breaks the barrier. The group allows Topher to crash at the mansion.

Gert and Chase reminisce about their old lives in high school; they kiss each other. She checks on Topher and finds a hole he dug through the building.

Catherine and Geoffrey argue about the fact she killed Darius.

After enacting the construction of Victor's box, Jonah coughs up blood.

The parents divide and conquer their next mode of attack: Stacey and Dale will retrieve a sample of whatever is down the hole while the other parents track down their kids' location. They uncover footage of the kids at the PRIDE shelter.

Topher and Molly cook up some food for the Runaways. The group wants Topher to leave, but Molly wants him to stay. They think he's hiding something since he already knew who they were.

The parents interrogate the volunteer from the soup kitchen; she doesn't know anything, but she brought along the mugger from earlier. He recounts of the story of how he met them.

Jonah calls Karolina to desperately tell her some important news. His health is deteriorating.

Alex needs to retrieve a very important cord for his computer system. He and the group will steal the cord from their former high school; Topher will join them to make it happen.

Jonah offers to give Karolina money, but she declines.

Dale and Stacey send their drone into the pit. The drone gets a smelly silver liquid; they apply the vial and it decays.

Nico and Topher bond in the card ride to the school. Topher understands Wicca and that impresses Nico. Topher doesn't reveal the contents of the vial.

An earthquake hits and the school is evacuated; the group needs to get Topher out. A nurse calls the helpline when she comes face-to-face with Gert.

Chase gets the master key of Atlas Academy from Eiffel. The parents arrive to search for their kids; the Runaways get away while also stealing the computer modem.

Jonah takes Karolina to the pit sight to teach her about her identity. They spot Stacey and Dale driving away.

Nico swiped the vial from Topher. His abilities aren't natural; they come from the vial.

Karolina and Jonah float down in to the pit together.

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