Practice Makes Perfect - Marvel's Runaways
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Molly goes undercover to protect a prostitute against a pimp. The prostitute recognizes Molly's glowing eyes to someone else.

Nico wakes everyone up to begin their team practice session.

Darius sends Alex on another mission to retrieve a package for him. They play a game of Dominoes and talk about life.

Geoffrey and Catherine arm themselves with weapons, jewelry, and other supplies. The couple plan to capture Alex and run away together with their fake passports.

Nico discovers Molly sneaking back into her room. She doesn't want Molly to have an alter-ego or fight vigilante justice.

The group practices their powers in the mansion: Karolina glows and floats on the stairs, Chase knocks back a mannequin with his gauntlets, and Nico extinguishes a flame with her staff. Gert suffers a splitting headache due to her condition and needs to sit down.

Chase fires his gauntlets at Nico; she reflects it with her staff. When he tries it again, her shield doesn't work and she's knocked back.

Frank reveals to Leslie that he still loves her and wants to bring their family back together. He only took over the church as a way to gain power and hopefully overthrow Jonah.

Jonah questions Leslie's loyalty; she dispels his worries.

Livvie is a businesswoman who will have a haircare product going into stores real soon. She's planning to move away after it becomes successful. Alex and Livvie makeout on the couch.

Victor is furious at Jonah because he's being trapped in the altered reality.

The group decides that they needed Alex's brain to complete the team. Things get tense as more arguments arise.

Janet convinces Jonah to let her speak with Victor in the stasis pod.

Molly wants Chase to be there for Gert. Once she gets used to the situation, the tension will stop.

Darius leads Alex into a trap during one of the deliveries; Alex is handed over to his father in exchange for the deed to the construction yard. Geoffrey gives him a key to a suite for Darius and his wife to start a new life.

Alex secretly calls Nico for help when he discovers his parents plan to take him away from town. Nico corrals the group together for the rescue mission.

Janet enters the altered reality to see Victor. She'll make sure he's freed once they complete the box. He gives her the key to decoding Jonah's book; the algorithm reveals Jonah's solar system origin.

The Runaways ambush Geoffrey and Alex at the airfield. They successfully recover Alex and make their escape.

Darius goes to the hotel suite  to start his new life. Catherine kills him and frames him for the murder of Destiny.

The Runaways are cleared of Desinty's murder.

Alex and Nico play Street Fighter 2 to get over their drama. They make amends and become friends again.

Molly, while in disguise, destroys the car of the same pimp from earlier. Someone watches her from a distance. Gert catches Molly sneaking back into the mansion, and she's followed by the observer, Topher.


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