Concerned About Molly - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 5
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The Runaways wake up to find people who look to be from the 20s throwing a party in the hostel.

They run into a magician named Quinton le Fay, the original owner of the hostel, who is putting on a show.

They realize their powers don't work.

Quinton saw Victor, Stacey, Tina, and Alex in the hostel as well. The Runaways believe that they were separated from the aliens when Nico blasted them.

Quinton tells them the longer they are in this alternate dimension, the more they will forget who they are.

The Runaways step outside.

Nico finds herself alone with her Grandma and other family members.

Chase is in a rundown town and sees his dad being hit by his own father.

Molly is with her parents.

Karolina finds Destiny among other homeless people. She asks Karolina for help.

Gert is locked in the Yorkes' basement with an angry dinosaur and Stacey. Stacey does not realize that she is in an alternate dimension.

Stacey tranquilizes Gert.

Molly realizes she is in a memory when her parents think she is four years old.

Destiny tells Karolina that her and the others are the seventeen children who sacrificed their lives for PRIDE. They attack her.

Nico tells her family that the staff is her's now and it is inside her. They try to cut it out of her, but is saved by her sister Amy.

Amy tells Nico that she doesn't remember her. Amy helps her look for their mother.

Chase saves his father and starts attacking his grandpa. Victor stops him and they run off together.

Molly goes with her parents to the Church of Gibborim. They start poisoning people to offer them up as a sacrifice for Jonah.

Molly breaks through a window, but when she looks back, everyone is gone. 

Nico and Amy go to their house the day Amy died. 

Nico confronts her mother, who wants to bring Amy back to life. Tina can't do it, but she asks Nico to with the staff. 

Nico shows her mother that nothing is real. Tina realizes they are in the dark dimension.

Gert wakes up and realizes that Stacey had mindwiped her in the memory when she was thirteen. She believes this is what caused her anxiety.

Destiny tells Karolina that the darkness comes every night and feeds on one of them. They tie Karolina up and use her as a sacrifice.

The darkness is Nico. She carries Jonah's decaying body around with her.

Karolina tricks her into untying her and cuts Jonah from her. She runs away and finds herself with the real Nico.

Stacey makes Gert feed the dinosaur prototype, #33. The dinosaur attacks Gert, but she gets away with just a scrape when Stacey shoots it with a tranq dart.

Chase and Victor enter the basement. They drive away with Gert and Stacey and see three bodies hanging at an overpass.

All of the Runaways minus Alex and plus Stacey, Tina, and Victor reunite.

Molly forgets who Stacey is and Nico forgets Alex. They decide to leave and find a way to come back for Alex.

Amy comes back and tells them she's an emissary of Morgan le Fay.

She made a promise to hand over Nico to Morgan but can't now that she's seen all of their bonds and is reminded of her past life.

Nico extracts her staff and her and Tina use a spell to take them back to their world. 

Tina whispers something to Amy before they leave. 

Amy was actually Quinton.

They realize that they were all gone for six months.

Alex is being held by AWOL in the dark dimension.

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