Nico - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 4
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Alex, as Jonah's son, tells Jonah that Leslie is pregnant with his child. Jonah tells him to bring Leslie and the Abstract to the jump site because they are leaving tonight.

Xavin tells the rest of the Runaways that Jonah's son might have been dormant at times so they would have been interacting with the real Alex.

Jonah's son is the cruelest of all the aliens. He kills a worker at a donut shop.

Leslie's water breaks.

The Runaways search the hostel for clues as to where Jonah's son took Leslie.

Chase takes apart the inhibitor pods to see how they work. Gert works with him to create them into a weapon to use on the aliens.

Nico finds a mirror in the hostel where Morgan appears. She tells Nico that their fates are intertwined and that the staff is not really gone. She reaches out and touches her chest.

The Runaways find out Catherine is dead.

Jonah's son takes Leslie to Tamar's. She agrees to help them deliver the baby.

Leslie gets Tamar alone and tells her that Alex is a threat and to get a message to Karolina.

Chase and Gert coat different weapons with the compound that the inhibitor pods are made up of.

Tamar leaves with her baby. Jonah's son realizes that Leslie knows who he is.

Tamar returns and knocks Jonah's son down. He gets back up and knocks her out. He ties her up and starts choking her.

Nico, Karolina, Molly, and Xavin show up and scare him off. He runs and Nico and Karolina chase him.

Molly, Xavin, and Tamar help Leslie give birth to a girl.

Nico lets Jonah's son go after he threatens her.

They find the Abstract in Alex's bag. It projects glowing symbols to recognize the next Gibborim heir.

The Abstract shows that a beacon to the Gibborim home world has been activated and that a gateway between that world and Earth is being planned tonight.

PRIDE's clean water project is where the gateway will be opened. They also find out that someone will be sent to take care of everyone that interacted with Jonah's family.

Xavin reads in Leslie's father's journals that her prophecy actually refers to Leslie's baby, Elle, and she is meant to raise and protect her.

Chase tells Gert he loves her. 

Jonah's son steals Elle and brings her to Jonah. Jonah and Jonah's son want Elle to take Jonah's son's place on the rendezvous platform.

The Runaways show up and Jonah's family runs.

Chase blasts Jonah. Jonah gets away.

Gert stabs Jonah's wife with one of the inhibitor weapons. She runs when Molly shows up.

Nico fights Jonah's daughter. She gets away.

Jonah takes his daughter from his son and tells him to help the others. Xavin was actually disguised as Jonah.

Xavin leaves with Elle back to the Gibborim home planet.

Jonah and his family attack the Runaways. 

Nico hears Morgan's voice and uses her power to extract the staff from within her. Morgan whispers a spell to her which Nico uses to get rid of Jonah's family.

Morgan goes to Robert's hospital room and awakens him. 

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Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

The prophecy is the only hope my people have had for millennia. I have devoted my life to it. If she is not my great love...why is my face leaking?


Chase: Wait, back up! Am I the only one that remembers that we barely got out of there alive last time? And that was just against my dad, well your dad, whatever. Point is, there was one. Now there's four.
Gert: I hate to admit it, Chase is right.
Chase: You don't actually have to hate to admit that.