Stand Tall - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 9
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Molly video chats the group and tells them that she got away from Morgan's coven. She tells them she'll come back the next morning.

She is actually with Morgan's coven. They are planning to use her as a sacrifice.

Geoffery wakes up in Morgan's hotel with no memory of how he got there. He sees Morgan's coven with Molly. He rips off his necklace.

Chase tells Gert that the late application fee is still open for Smith and she kisses him.

Geoffery meets up with Tamar and tells her about Morgan. The rest of PRIDE shows up and agrees to help Geoffery take down Morgan.

PRIDE evacuates the building where Morgan plans to sacrifice Molly disguised as the CDC.

Morgan and her coven start the spell in a circle around Molly.

Geoffery takes Molly from the circle. They get away as the coven can't break the spell.

Molly wakes up and attacks Geoffery. Tina breaks her enchantment and they all escape.

The spell worked and Morgan says that their armies are assembling on both sides of the veil.

Molly and PRIDE return to the hostel. They form a plan to take down Morgan.

Karolina tells Dale and Leslie that she couldn't hear the voices from Corvus phones. Dale thinks that her DNA might counteract the whispers.

Victor shows Chase his mom in a computer.

Tina performs a spell that will cost her years of her life to trap Morgan.

Tina and Nico think they can use Morgan's own spell from her book to send her back to the dark dimension.

Morgan's armies start crossing over through the mirror in the hostel.

Tina tells Nico that Morgan befriended her when she was training to use her magic, but she was manipulating her into stealing the staff from their academy. Tina kept the staff for herself.

Tina uses a spell to hold off the armies.

Dale injects Molly with Karolina's DNA. He tells Gert that her connection with Old Lace might be lost when he injects her.

Gert locks Old Lace up.

Chase finds a Corvus phone and tries to attack Gert before being stopped by Molly. She injects him with the DNA and he returns to normal. Everyone else also has the DNA.

Morgan shows up in the hostel via portal.

Nico stabs Morgan with her dagger from Tandy, but it makes her stronger.

Alex submits to Morgan. Molly, Chase, Gert, and Karolina follow. 

Janet and Victor hack into the cell towers and cut Morgan off from her followers.

The Runaways stand back up, having only pretended to submit to Morgan.

Morgan attacks them and Nico holds her off. Karolina joins her.

Morgan's coven members show up. Alex kills one of them with the same knife he used to kill his mom in the dark dimension.

Gert gets the salt from Tina's spell and traps Morgan by sprinkling it in a circle around her.

Tina sends Morgan back to the dark dimension and closes the gateway.

Gert, injured from a blow from Morgan, dies in Chase's arms.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You know what they say about near death experiences...kinda make you realize stuff. I guess, just uh what I realized was that, um, I haven't really been fair to you. I thought that I had grown up a lot, but then you left and you really hurt me in exactly the way I always feared you would. And it turned be back into that, that high school girl who, who just picked on you because I was so afraid that I wasn't enough. And Ty made me realize that I cannot operate out of fear anymore, and I'm sorry.


We're superheroes Gert. And I think that means we have to do something with it.