A Bunch of Kids - Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 8
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Tyrone brought himself and Tandy to the hostel because he felt a disturbance there. Nico tells them about Alex.

Chase helps untie Gert, but Geoffery and the others come before they can all escape.

Tandy and Tyrone agree to help Nico. 

Janet, through the computer, warns Nico that the rest of the Runaways and parents are being held at Wizard. Tyrone teleports them there.

Nico gives Karolina her powers back.

Tyrone teleports the parents to the Hollywood Sign. He goes back to Wizard and teleports the Runaways to the dark dimension.

They split up into teams -- Nico and Karolina, Gert and Chase, and Tandy and Tyrone. But, they all are still together when they step outside this time.

Alex's mother appears to him in his jail cell. Darius comes to get Alex to torture him.

Nico and Karolina make up.

A car starts chasing the Runaways plus Cloak and Dagger.

One of the men tells Alex and Catherine that his men spotted the Runaways.

AWOL and his team close in on the teens when someone saves them -- Quinton.

Quinton tells them that Morgan needs the staff to accomplish her goal of the dark dimension overtaking their dimension.

He shows them the way to the prison by shadows. He is attacked by something once the teens are inside.

Gert sees Molly as a kid who tries to attack her. Tyrone saves them and teleports them to the top of tower B -- Alex is in tower A. 

Tandy touches Nico and sees her greatest hope -- marrying Karolina.

Tyrone touches Gert and sees her greatest fear -- Molly, Chase, and Old Lace dying.

Tyrone, Gert, and Chase run into AWOL's team. Tyrone teleports with a couple of them before he can get away with Gert and Chase.

Tandy, Karolina, and Nico travel to tower A with a spell from Nico to save Gert and Chase.

Quinton, impaled with a street sign, enters and attacks the teens.

AWOL shows Alex a video feed of the fight. 

The teens start losing their memories.

AWOL makes Alex kill his mom to save his friends.

Tandy throws Nico a dagger and it turns black in her hands. She uses it to kill Quinton.

AWOL lets Alex and the rest of the teens go free. Tyrone teleports them back to the hostel. 

When Tandy holds Alex's hand, she sees his greatest hope -- conquering all of the Runaways' powers.

Tandy tells them, but they believe Alex.

There are dark flowers in the hostel -- the dark dimension is bleeding into their dimension.

Tyrone and Tandy leave.

Morgan's coven has captured Molly. They put one of their enchantment necklaces on her.

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Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Tandy: Okay, easy Hot Topic. We don't even know who you are.
Nico: Fine. I am Nico Minoru. I'm a witch. This is the hostel, I live here with five other kids. This is the most powerful weapon in existence, the Staff of One. Now let's go.

Nico: I'm not asking you again, who the hell are you and what are you doing in our house?
Tandy: Seriously? You live here?
Tyrone: Not that different from an abandoned church.