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- Masters starts work at an all African-American hospital along with Virginia.

- Virginia has a confrontation with DePaul.

- Betty's ex girlfriend (played by Sarah Silverman) tries to get back into her life.

- Coral's boyfriend confronts Libby.

- Libby and Bill have sex.

- There's a lot of problems at the new hospital.

- Bill's boss is the one who is taking down the fliers.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

He's not just rolling downhill Ginny, I mean he's picking up speed.


We don’t look the same but we are the same. We are not men who wait. You need to make a case for yourself, you need to call every patient you ever had and say this is where you need to be with me, at this hospital. That’s how you move your practice forward. That's how i move this hospital forward. That's how we move history forward.

Charles [to Bill]