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Bill takes Virginia out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate their successful meeting with the publishers. Virginia is mad at him because he took control of the entire meeting. Virginia is stunned when Bill reveals he invited Daniel and his wife to dinner. When Virginia goes to the restroom, the attendant sprays her with perfume and she says the man she is with objects to her wearing scents. When she leaves, Daniel's wife comes out of a stall. During dinner, Virginia reveals why she's so mad at Bill. He mentioned the surrogacy program to the publishers, so now they will have to continue the program. Alice tells them how Daniel has always been a flirt and mentions the women he's met on his travels. Tensions are running high at the table, when Virginia leaves and Bill follows her. They begin to argue in the coat room. Alice asks Daniel why he loves Virginia. It's because she's a partner not a project like Alice has always been with her alcoholic problems. Virginia confronts Bill about how he's always manipulating her. Bill says a life with a man like Daniel is not what she wants. Virginia follows Alice into the restroom after seeing her run in. Alice says Virginia should enjoy Daniel while she can because he does this with women all the time. Bill tells Daniel that Virginia is done with him. Daniel says Bill has done nothing but scheme but he should have just told Virginia how he felt. Daniel says he thought to do that. Bill gets a calling saying something has happened back home and leaves. Daniel brings Alice home, but later shows up at Virginia's hotel room saying he left Alice and wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

Paul spends more time at Libby's house, fixing things and bonding with her children. Libby and Paul discuss how best to handle her telling Bill she wants a divorce. Later, a detective shows up asking to speak with Johnny. He questions Johnny about what he told the girls on the playground about how his dad showed Dennis how to fix his penis. The detective is insinuating that Bill has sexually abused Dennis. Libby makes the detective leave. Libby sits with Johnny and he tells her how he thinks his dad doesn't like him. Libby tries to defend Bill's actions by explaining Bill's relationship with his father. Paul tells Libby she needs to take the children and leave. Libby says she can't because it will make her kids see Bill a certain way for the rest of their lives. Paul asks Libby is she's planning on staying for the time being or if she means forever. She doesn't answer him. 


Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

You were just looking out for yourself. You're always just looking out for yourself.


Coat check girl: May I take your coats?
Bill: Yes, thank you.
Virginia: I'll keep mine, thank you very much.
Bill: You sure? I think you'll be more comfortable..
Virginia: Is this another thing you would like to overrule me on?
Bill: The lady will be keeping her coat.
Virginia: In case I throw a drink in his face and need to make a speedy exit, which is entirely possible.