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Virginia continues to sneak around with Daniel behind Bill's back. Bill has visions about his father telling him to get control of himself. Bill urges Virginia to help him with the surrogacy program. She agrees, but she soon tells him their needs to be a better protocol. He agrees and tells her they should work out the program with each other. While Daniel waits for Virginia at her house after catching Tessa and her boyfriend on the couch, Virginia and Bill work out the protocol together in bed. When Virginia gets home, she is shocked to find out Tessa has been keeping a boyfriend from her. That night, she urges Tessa to think carefully before going forward with him. Tessa ignores her mother and ends up in bed with him. The next day, Daniel tells Virginia he knows about her and Bill because Tessa was the one who told him. Virginia is startled by the news. Bill makes dinner plans for himself and Virginia, but she leaves the office while Bill is talking with Nora. Bill hurries down to the garage to catch Virginia, but sees her driving off in Daniel's car. Bill goes back to the office where he gets drunk and finds Nora working. They start making out and are about to have sex when she asks him to tell her he loves her. This snaps Bill out of it, and he tells Nora he can't because he loves someone so much and he can't give up on her. Nora thinks he is talking about his wife. In Daniel's hotel room, Virginia comes to the realization just how much hurt she must have caused Tessa all these years. Bill is left in his office trying to call Virginia at home, but the phone keeps ringing.

Libby is annoyed when Paul has her run errands for him. When he comes back, he surprises her with a performance by her children on her birthday. Bill gives Libby a birthday present, but she isn't happy because it's a solo trip to Chicago. Libby goes to Paul's house and tells him that she wants something better for herself. Paul gets down on one knee and proposes. She kisses him accepting, but tells him a lot will have to happen before they can be together. He says he'll wait.

Barton agrees to go see a show with Jonathan. Later that night, they are having drinks at a lounge when some of Jonathan's friends show up. They are more flamboyant and draw attention to their table. When Barton is at the bar getting more drinks, another group of men harass Jonathan and his friends. When a scuffle beings, Barton sneaks out. The following day, Jonathan accuses Barton of being the problem by hiding who he truly is. Jonathan resigns. Later on, Betty asks Barton if he would be willing to take on Helen as a client knowing they are a couple. Barton agrees and Betty tells him what is was like accepting love into her life.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Giving that part of yourself to another person, it's as close to a sacred act as there is. So take your time. Please, know your heart. Make sure that he deserves you.


I'm not trying to put myself out of a job here, but the women who are coming in aren't looking for someone to fix their disfunction, they're looking for a mate.