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Angel and the other Mayans arrive at the hospital, desperate to avenge EZ.

But Alvarez assigns men to look after the shooter, causing more drama.

EZ leaves the hospital and gets ready to leave town with Gaby, but Emily arrives.

It's clear she's upset, but she retreats when she realizes Gaby is there.

EZ and Gaby go to the beach and grow closer. They have sex.

Bishop visits his son's grave and has an argument with his ex, before texting Angel to kill the people responsible.

Angel and Gilly work together and shoot the two men.

Angel then texts EZ and says the war has begun.

Meanwhile, Adelita goes in search of Mini and finds her. She tells her she will never leave her again.

Coco is on Meth Mountain, well away from the action, but Isaac has a stern warning for him when he says he needs him to get another 3 kilos of drugs.


Mayans M.C.
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