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Heather Locklear returned to Melrose Place this week. But that wasn't the only storyline. Here's a rundown of what went down...

- David went out of his way to woo Lauren and find proof that Michael killed Sydney. Regarding the former, he decorated Lauren's apartment like it was autumn and ordered her favorite dish... from Cincinatti! She couldn't go all the way with him, however, due to the fact that she's also sleeping with men for money these days.

Meanwhile, David bailed Auggie out of jail, convinced that Michael murdered Sydney. Snooping around, David found the necklace that Sydney was wearing on the night of her death in his dad's car. It was covered in blood.

- As for Auggie, he was in a bad place. All his neighbors turned against him, which caused him to almost turn to alcohol. Instead, in a hilarious scene, Violet took her shirt off as Auggie was about to have a drink and these two went at it. Hard.

- Then, of course, there was the return of Amanda. It took place before the first commecial break, as the woman responsible for the "W" in WPK fired Caleb for failing to fix problems in the L.A. office. She also put the pressure on Ella to come through on the campaign for which Riley posed. Amanda said the "real women" denim campaign needed a more sympathetic figure and had Ella tell Riley to pretend as though she grew up homeless, with gang violence in her life.

But Riley couldn't go through with the lie. At a launch party for her magazine spread, she told reporters the truth. This cost her $10,000 and almost cost Ella her job. Amanda was pissed that she didn't get the job done, but she was pleased with something else: Ella had turned down the professional (and sexual!) advances of an agent that had asked her to switch jobs. Turns out, Amanda had asked this woman to make the offer to Ella as a test.

From there, Amanda had another test for Ella: call Riley's school and tell it about the sick days Riley used to take part in the photo shoot. Ella refused, despite her desire to impress Amanda. But she then got home and overheard a phone call in Riley's apartment. It seems like Amanda went ahead with this dirty deed on her own and got Riley fired.

The episode concludes with Amanda in Sydney's apartment. She touches a wall inside the closet, it opens up and a safe is revealed. But it's empty inside. There's only a note. It's signed by Sydney and it reads: Amanda, you'll never find it.

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