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There were two major developments this week on Melrose Place:

  1. Michael was arrested; not for Sydney's murder just yet. But for breaking and entering David's apartment in order to get Syd's necklace back. Lauren actually helped set him up for the crime, telling him where the necklace was after David warned her of his dad's dark side.
  2. Amanda moved in to the building.

We heard Amanda on the phone, earlier in the episode, discussing the mysterious item that Sydney supposedly stole and/or hid somewhere. She was actually clicking through background information on every Melrose Place tenant while she talked to someone about where this item might be. Interesting stuff.

She also discovered that Ella had asked Jonah - who worked briefly as an IT dude at WPK to earn extra money - to break into her email and find out what Amanda had been writing about her. Ella's job is safe for now, but Amanda wants to see how far she'll go for her career.

The other major, odd development concerned Violet (sigh....). Viewers met her step-brother, Levi, who quickly made his presence felt: he confronted Violet in her apartment about why she left and made it clear to the audience that the two had been having an affair (ewwww!). Riley happened to walk in just as Levi was getting violet and she gave him the $450 he was demanding from Violet to make up for money she owed him.

Later in the episode, Levi entered Riley and Jonah's apartment and randomly broke Jonah's expensive video camera. Violet chased him away with a baseball bat, but Jonah was not too happy about this when he got home.

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I think the neighbors should see what your husband can do after a 17-hour, trans-Atlantic flight.


It's absurd how sexy I am.


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