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Before we recap this episode, allow us to say: what is wrong with you, Jonah?!? Have you seen Ella Simms?!?!?

We can't help but scream at this character, as he turned down sex with Ella. After another fight with Riley, Jonah set out to assist his friend with a public relations assignment. The pair entertained a hopeful WPK client, as Jonah impressed the German director with his movie knowledge and even acted as Ella's boyfriend in order to ward off the guy's advances.

But a drunk Ella took this too far, insulting Riley after the lunch meeting and actually propositioning Jonah. This inspired Jonah in the opposite direction, as he went home and pretty much made up with Riley.

What had she been up to this whole time? Instant messenging with Auggie, who was on the lamb because the cops found his blood on the knife that killed Sydney.

Violet, meanwhile, had the tables turned on her by Michael. She tried to blackmail him into finding her an attorney for an old resisting arrest charge. But, come on, you don't mess with Michael Mancini! He discovered that he was close to the judge assigned to the case. Therefore, he made Violet erase the tape of them having sex in exchange for him putting in a good word on her behalf with this judge.

Michael was also involved in another storyline: David took Noah - Michael's son and David's half-brother - to the amusement park behind his dad's back. The pair were clearly having a great time, as we saw a human, loving side of David. But he turned his back for a moment and Noah fell to the ground after trying to scale a cage and grab a prize.

David panicked. He took Noah to the hospital, where he was treated well by Lauren. Michael met them there and seemed pissed at first, but he later confided to David that it was nice to see him so concerned about Noah.

Perhaps inspired by these words, David approached Lauren at the end of the episode. He made a move. He kissed her. But Lauren backed away and said she couldn't and we all know why: she's a high-paid hooker. She doesn't have time for a boyfriend.

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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Too bad in real life there's no undo command.


Riley: Where are we Jonah?
Jonah: I have no idea.

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