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This was one of the weaker episodes to date. The show really needs Heather Locklear to debut ASAP. Let's go over what went down...

- We pick up right where we left off last week, as Jonah is having drinks with Kendra. It's going very well and they even kiss briefly, until Jonah blurts out that he's engaged. He acts strangely around Riley for the next day or so, even as the pair work together to video a wedding. Finally, Jonah can't keep it in: he tells Riley about the kiss AND about the fact he knows she kissed Auggie.

Both sides are now angry and they end the episode unsure of what to do next.

- Auggie, meanwhile, has problems of his own. He creates a new dish at work, only for the head chef (who Auggie refers to as "chef" for some hilarious reason) to blow it off... and then include it on the new menu, taking credit for it in front of the restaurant's owner. When the same chef later insults Violet, Auggie loses it. He jumps his boss and punches him out, getting fired in the process.

Later in his apartment, as Jonah laments how much he lost it, Violet comforts him and they finally get it on.

- The best storyline from the hour involved Ella and Lauren. Snooping around, the former pretty much figures out that her roommate is a call girl. Why else would she have nice dresses, lingerie and envelopes of cash? Lauren denies it, of course. Soon, a famous client of Ella's overdoses on cocaine. But Laurens turns down $50,000 as a bribe from Ella to fake the patient's chart and help him avoid the bad PR of an overdose.

Ella actually admires Lauren for her principles and stands up for her to Caleb. By the end of the episode, these two seem closer than ever; and it's almost an unspoken understanding that Ella now knows what Lauren does, but won't tell anyone.

- Then there's David. In a flashback, we see that he met Sydney at a cemetery where he was mourning his mother. We also see how they begin to sleep together, only for David to eventually learn Sydney was also doing Michael and was just using him. She clearly had set their initial meeting up. David is angry in his flashback, and afraid in real life, as the police ask him to back off his alibi for Sydney's murder so they can pursue a case against Ella.

He won't do it, but he will go to a random lot where apparently he had buried a knife. In another flashback, we see David waking up bloody, yelling for Sydney, in possession of a knife. He then buries it in an abadoned lot. But the lot is now being used for a project.

When David can't locate the knife, we learn why: a construction worker has turned it in to the police and they are now sending the likely murder weapon to the lab.

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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

The Jonah Miller Story starts out a little slow, but has a few twists.


Lauren: My dad sent me that money for school.
Ella: Who's your dad? Tony Soprano?