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Riley and Jonah began the episode swooning and bantering over breakfast, before she headed off to her modeling shoot and Jonah went for his big meeting at Paramount.

Each had unexpected outcomes.

Riley went on her first shoot and encountered a demanding photographer - Jo! This original Melrose fixture was back with a vengeance. Since we last saw her, Jo had worked with a photojournalist who then sold her soul for fashion photography.

She basically cajoled Riley into posing topless and badgered her about being too young to get engaged, which really struck a nerve.

Riley stormed off the shoot.

Meanwhile, Jonah met with studio exec Andy, who name-dropped like a madman and used more cheesy lines than we can even recall.

He said he loved Jonah’s short film Living in Reverse and wanted to develop it into a feature with Cameron Diaz, only without the reverse theme, which in Jonah's mind was the entire point of the movie.

Jonah was a bit jaded, having to either sell out or abandon his dreams, until Andy’s development executive Kendra turned up.

She flattered his ego about his original film and said that maybe they can work on the film he wants to do “on your terms.”

Kendra was hot, which helped, and reminisced about their shared hometown of Philadelphia. She suggested that Jonah come work on script ideas over drinks later which he did, after ...

... he came home to find Riley at Auggie's apartment drinking tea. Riley came home and went straight to Auggie's, which didn't sit well with Jonah, who confronted Auggie, who let it slip that he and Riley had kissed.

Jonah ditched Riley to go meet Kendra. Riley later did end up getting the modeling deal because Anton V loved one of the shots Jo took when she pissed Riley off. Yay!

Elsewhere, David discovered Lauren had a past-due tuition bill and offered to loan her money. But Lauren grew suspicious of where his money comes from.

She tracked him to a mansion where he was in the midst of his latest jewelry heist. They got into a huge fight back at his place.

Violet clamored for Auggie's attention, getting a ride on his motorcycle and asking him to assemble her new bed.

Ridiculous fashion aside, Ella was something of a heroine this week, when she stuck up for Riley with Jo.

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Melrose Place Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Selling out? Weren't you the one who traded in the refugee camps for a 12-page spread in Vogue? Maybe Riley wasn't the only one out there posing today.


Models are like jeans. You just need to break her in a little bit.