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Fans of the original Melrose Place were in for a treat this week: we got a heavy dose of Michael Mancini. We'll get to that storyline shortly, but first, let's recap a few other plot points from the episode:

Jonah and Riley are the worst long-term couple ever. Seriously, these two have been dating for five years?!? A fight broke out instantly because Riley is yet to tell a single person close to her about their engagement. Jonah expresses his displeasure with this fact, and then gets whisked away by Ella. She has finagled a job for him as the director of a major music video when the big name attached to the project dropped out.

Jonah does a great job on the video. At one point, Riley stops by to talk to him about their fight, but he's understandably busy... so she goes home, drinks a bottle of wine and kisses Auggie. Seriously, Riles?!?

When his shoot is complete, Jonah comes back to the apartment and makes up with his fiancee, although he has no idea what happened between her and Auggie. He also gets screwed in another way: Ella tells Jonah her boss has put the name of the major director back on the video because it will help it sell better. Jonah is crushed, but thanks Ella for fighting on his behalf (which she didn't really do). Might this lead to her quitting and going to work for Amanda Woodward?

Meanwhile, Violet is creepy. She steals a dress from Sydney's apartment and wears it to work. She also tries to win over Auggie by buying him a pair of expensive sunglasses. He's not very into the gift.

The real focus of the episode, though, was Michael and David. First, we see a few flashbacks from Michael: he helped Sydney fake her death years ago by illegally saying a dead body was, in fact, Sydney Andrews. When Sydney shows up at his house years later, she's pissed: she spent six years in jail for faking her death, but she never revealed Michael's help in the cover-up.

This allows her to blackmail Michael with the threat of exposing him. She gets money and she gets sex from her ex-husband. She also calls him on the night of her murder and we see him hanging up the phone, planning on heading to her apartment.

In the present day, David makes it clear he suspects Michael of killing Sydney. He tells his father he'll do all he can to prove it. This involves stealing Michael's security card and breaking into his computer at work. In response, Michael confronts his son and says he knows what he is up to. He even knows that David stole a two-million dollar painting from Michael's house.

Michael says he's gonna make it his mission to know everything David is up to. Along those lines, he hires Lauren to be part of his medical team, seemingly to help him keep an eye on David's activities. The episode ends with David using the security information he stole to break into his father's computer. This is what he sees:

Files on... everyone. Sydney. Auggie. Ella. Even Allison, from back in the day. David the question out loud that viewers are wondering: What the heck is Michael up to?

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