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Sales at Thoreau Chevrolet are down, and Owen hopes that playing in the local softball league will raise his employees spirits.  After bribing the service guys to play, and recruiting Maria from Joe's store, they have a team worthy of taking the field.  In their first game against Scarpulla, Thoreau gets down early.  Owen rallies the troops and scores the winning run.

Terry goes out for a night on the town with his new 25 year old girl Stella.  Although it's not his scene, he tries to enjoy himself after Erin broke his heart.  He then heads back to Erin's to see if she truly has no feelings for him.  After she rejects him, he goes to Stella's and meets her parents.  This was too weird so he leaves.  Both Erin and Stella shows up at the softball game, and Terry chooses Erin.

Joe's on and off girlfriend Michelle comes into town and is introduced to his children, as well as his father, who is in town with his girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Joe is attempting to take bets on behalf of Manfro to make some extra cash.  He tries to keep it a secret but Michelle finds out about it, and she likes it.



Men of a Certain Age
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Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Joe: That's your breakfast? Yogurt?
Lucy: Yogurt is what girls eat, Dad.

God I hate your penis.

Owen (to Terry)