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Joe's kids explain to him that their mom is going crazy.  Sonia then shows up at the party store, and Joe seemed to think she wanted to hook up.  They get together for a drink later, and they make out for a bit before they put a stop to it.

Owen is busy with work and the kids.  One of the brothers from Scarpula Chevy comes over to the dealership and offers to buy out Thoreau.  Owen gives it some thought while helping his wife out with product reviews.  He then finally tells his dad that he's going to get the Body Shop he wanted for the dealership.

Terry is in love with Erin.  He gets locked out of his apartment, so she offers to have him over to her place.  Terry makes her dinner and then the sleep together, but in the middle of the night Terry find Erin sobbing.  She decides it was a big mistake and explains that she thought what they had was just a fling.


Men of a Certain Age
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Men of a Certain Age Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Erin: Old friend? She's not that old.
Terry: Actually she's 58.

Manfro: I want my last meal.
Joe: Oh come on.
Manfro: I'm gonna be doing a lot of jokes like that so you better get used to it.