All Chained Up
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That amulet tightens around Manfred's neck.

Kai and Manfred try to come up with a plan but discover that the head and the vials are gone.

They go looking for the other Midnighters but can't find them. Patience finds Manfred and he plays dumb. It's cringe-worthy. She knows he knows.

Patience vomits a buttload of information about her plans to Manfred.

Joe transports out of nowhere and Patience and Fiji teleport somewhere. Joe tells the Midnighters the story about how he killed Chuy.

Kai tries to encourage Manfred to leave Midnight, but, of course, he refuses.

They make a plan for a last stand.

Patience and Fiji make plan to take the Midnighters down one by one. Fiji casts a spell to bring a demon to do their dirty work.

Lem discovers that Joe cut off his wings because he doesn't think he deserves them.

Kai and Manfred bond. Manfred touches the painting and teleports into another dimension. he meets the witch from the painting. She's an original and her name's Delilah.

Bob and Olivia work to try to get Fiji's butterfly back.

They hack into the Delilah website and an IT person comes to take their laptop. This witch learns about Theopholis and freaks out. She passes out.

Delilah is trying to help Manfred. She tells him the story about the witches and how there wasn't always dark and light. 

Patience doesn't seem too happy that Delilah and Theopholis are about to wed. Seriously, did she not know they were dating?

Patience tells Fiji her side of the story. 

Flashback shows her in love with Theopholis and how their illicit romance is probably what brought Patience to the dark side.

Delilah was also pregnant. So was Patience.

Delilah was the one who beheaded Theopholis.

Delilah battles a dark knight as Manfred watches. She orders him to run but after the knight knocks her out Manfred takes up the battle using his cell phone to help him win.

And Fiji raises Chuy to fight on their side.

Chuy appears to Joe and idiot starts chasing after him. Then Chuy bits into Joe's neck as Fiji's watches.

Patience takes care of Lem.

Manfred summons Everaud and goes back into that dark witch place where his flashlight goes wacky again but Kai is able to get Everaud's essence and saves Manfred in the process.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Olivia work on taking the butterfly out of Bobo and they have to use a giant centipede to do it. Olivia fishes out the butterfly.

The butterfly opens and goes to find Fiji who turns up where Bobo and everyone is and then crushes her own butterfly.

The witch army shows up in the middle of Midnight with Joe carrying a huge wooden cross. WTF. Bobo, Lem, and Olivia are prisoners as well. They all go into the church.

Manfred drinks the essence of Everaud.

Patience begins her ceremony.

Manfred tries to stop them but Fiji works her magic and Manfred is disabled.

The plan is to chop off his head as the others watch.

And Manfred's head is gone.



Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Kai: How do you think I feel? I loved her. I married her. The last 12 years of my life have been a lie.
Manfred: At least you get to keep your head.

Back off witch! I just buried my husband.