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The Midnighters freak out about what happened to Manfred. Fiji performs a spell to release the head from the cage.

Headless Manfred rises to receive Theopolis' head where it fuses to the body and he's back to his youth with a big scar around his neck.

Patience and Theopholis kiss and black smoke swirls around them.

Midnight, Texas is now Patience, Texas. The townspeople are slaves.

Olivia is a servant to both Patience and Fiji. Patience talks to her about phase two and how she's going to build a witch army.

Patience is filling Joe up with demon blood/ash via IV. She tries to convince him to pledge his loyalty to her.

Olivia and the rest of the gang are at the jail where the white witches are going to have their blue butterflies removed to turn them to dark witches. Olivia comes up with a plan.

Olivia sneaks out of the jail and finds Joe who has turned into a dark angel with black wings.

Patience is torturing Olivia. She spits in her face. Theopholis comes in and tells Patience to just kill Olivia. He wants her to focus on building the army.

Walker returns home and Manfred is there. The real Manfred. He tells him what's happening in Midnight.

Flashback to how he came up with the plan to trick Patience with the help of Kai. Patience killed Kai and not Manfred using a spell. He performed a spell to take Manfred's form.

Wow! What a plot twist.

Manfred tells Walker he's going back to Midnight to try to free Delilah. Walker is coming with, of course.

Bobo is with Fiji. He's trying to talk some sense into her. Fiji looks like she's listening, but it might just be an act. And it is. She just laughs in his face.

Theophlis is pulling butterflies out of witches. Theopholis spits out some teeth.

Patience is secretly concerned and questions whether Fiji did the right spell. She looks concerned. Is she working for the good side?

Lem is brought in to help heal Theopholis but he demands to see Olivia. Olivia tells him she's going to be burned at the stake.

Olivia is giving up and Lem is concerned. Their time is done.

Bobo and Kristen are in jail. The trickster is there. Bobo tries to convince him to help them. The Trickster says he can take a soul from someone unknown to bring Fiji's soul back.

The witches prepare to burn Olivia at the stake. She's a lesson on what happens if people aren't loyal to Patience and Theopholis.

And then the fire holder comes out and it's Manfred. Walker is there too. He put some dust by the witches binding them in place.

Walker releases everyone. Fiji tries to fight. Kristin fights back and Theopholis is injured. Fiji starts a fire at Olivia's feet. She's burning. Flashback to her and Lem's secret plan. He turns her into a vampire.

Olivia escapes and shows her true form. They all escape and take Fiji with them.

Patience learns that Theopholis has Kai's body. He's pretty messed up. He's losing his face. Lem has a psychic connection with Theopholis because of his blood.

Fiji is tied up and Kristen tries to perform a spell to get Delilah out of the painting. She needs Fiji's help. Bobo calls on the Trickster. No one else knows what's going on.

The Trickster shows up and puts everyone is a trance except for Bobo. He's ready to make a deal. Fiji's soul for someone's soul they never met. I hope Fiji's not pregnant.

The Trickster releases a butterfly which goes to Fiji and she's back to being a good witch, but whose soul?

They kiss. She learns about everything that happened and she's upset.

She works with Kristen to jailbreak Delilah.

Joe shows up before the spell is done. He brings Manfred to Patience and all the rest as well as the painting.

The rip in the painting however was just enough to release Delilah who shows up at the right moment.

Fiji sets a trap for Joe but Joe ends up killing Kristen. Walker ties up Joe before he can kill Fiji.

Delilah fights with Patience. She's pretty pissed.

Thepholis tries to take Manfred's body and kills Theopholis, removing the head. He throws it into the healing water. Patience loses it.

All kinds of blue stuff comes out of the head and Patience starts absorbing the powers. She's the beast. The others come and try to fight her but she's way too powerful.

Then Kai shows up in spirit form. Walker is trying to convince Joe to transform. Kai takes Manfred's body and sucks out all her powers. He spits it all into the fire.

Delilah shows up and she performs a spell on Patience casting her into her own painting.

Kai leaves Manfred's body and leaves.

There's a celebration in Midnight. But the big question is whose soul did the Trickster take?

Even Joe is back to normal.

Delilah is gone.  Walker shows up. Joe invites him to sit with the team.

Olivia is trying to get used to being a vampire. They are still the power couple of Midnight! Love them so much.

Joe is on his way out of town to redeem himself in the eyes of God. He puts Manfred in charge.

Fiji tells Bobo she's pregnant. Yep. The Trickster has the baby's soul.

Xylda shows up at Manfred's door to warn him that the Midnighters are really in trouble. The knight from the dark forest is in their world.













Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Fiji: I don't understand why you just don't kill the Midnighters. There only going to be a thorn in your side. Trust me.
Patience: Because they'll be helpful for phase two.

If God really cared about his precious angels, would he let this happen to you?