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Manfred is enraged and goes to the hotel accusing him of killing Creek. They fight.

Kai tries to take Manfred's powers but Lem and Olivia come to the rescue. Patience takes Kai back inside.

Everyone is at Creek's funeral. Lem is giving the eulogy.

The team is back at the diner toasting to Creek.

Fiji tries to tell Manfred that they don't know if Kai is behind Creek's murder. Manfred tells them all why he killed Creek.

Manfred tries to come up with a plan to get the head.

Meanwhile, Joe is looking for Chuy and comes across a bunch of dead and injured people. It's the work of Chuy. What he doesn't realize is Walker is following him.

Patience shows up at Manfred's door wanting to talk. Creek gives Manfred a protective amulet.

Bobo and Fiji talk about Creek's death. Fiji is feigning but Bobo is worried about her dark powers. He wants to get frisky and she puts a sleep spell on him.

Fiji gets dressed up and goes to the bar to start dancing by herself.

Olivia, Manfred, and Lem try to find information about breaking the spells around the head.

Patience gets back to the hotel and Kai confronts her. She admits to sleeping with Manfred. He's truly upset.

Walker is still tracking Joe, but Joe discovers him and wants to know why. Walker gives Joe a demon compass. Walker still wants to kill Chuy.

Manfred, Olivia and Lem figure out what Kai is planning.

Kai only needs two more vials to complete his mission.

Manfred summons a gypsy shaman to explain the curse.She wants something in return and it's not crossing over to the other side.

Fiji is bartending for a monster party. A couple of vampires notice Fiji's nice, long neck. She goes up to them and confronts them.

The gypsy wants Lem to massage her feet/Manfred's feet until Olivia steps in.

Then she ejects from Manfred's body and tells them more about the curse.

The head has a name: The Father of Darkness.

Bob shows up at the bar and sees Fiji flirting with the vamps. She tells Bobo she doesn't love him anymore, explains the butterfly, and tells him to leave her alone.

Bobo tells the rest of the team about Fiji and what happened. He reveals that Fii is a child of Theopolis. Manfred is still convinced that Kai is Theopolis' twin.

The team discovers Fiji's secret shrine to Theoopolis while Lem discovers that Fiji might be behind Creek's death when they find her keys buried in Fiji's yard.

Meanwhile Fiji gets frisky with the vamps, but she has another plan which is disable them so Kai can get their powers. 

Kai comes in and takes their powers. Bobo sends a text to Fiji to show her that they are burning her shrine which is in the middle of the street. She's enraged and goes into Bobo's shop.

She's taken prisoner and tied up and denies killing Creek but did burn her bones. The gang learns that Patience is going to be sacrificed for Theopolis' release.

Joe and Walker find Chuy who proceeds to attack them both. Walker is about to kill Chuy when he admits that he loves Joe. Joe kills Chuy instead. They bury him. He tells Walker to leave and never come back.

Joe cuts off his angel wings.

Manfred and Lem go into the hotel where Manfred confronts Kai. Lem finds Patience and takes her out.

Kai and Manfred fight. Kai denies killing Creek and tells him that Theopolis is Patience's twin.

Patience wakes up and releases Fiji as Kai explains everything to Manfred.

Manfred explains to Kai what's really happening and does so in the most angry way possible. Kai sees Manfred's amulet and tells him it was to be used to fuse Theopolis' head to someone's body -- and that body is Manfred.






Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Fiji is Glenda the good witch through and through.


I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of evil making its way into Midnight.