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-When Karen learns that Sam is taking over Tom's apartment in town, she runs over to make sure she didn't leave anything behind in their love nest. She runs out when Sam almost catches her but leaves behind her sunglasses.


-Sam drops out of college and gets a DUI. He calls Karen to pick him up from the hospital. He tells her he gave his mom a pair of sunglasses he found at his Dad's apartment only to find out they weren't hers. Now both he and his mother know Tom was having an affair.


-Savi tries to get herself taken off of a case to avoid spending time with Dominic but only ends up getting Dom kicked off the case. She tries to take Harry on a second honeymoon but he tells her he can't afford to take the time off of work.


-Savi finds out she's pregnant.


-April runs into Richard who blows her off. Later she tries to explain without giving him too many details. When she asks him out again, he declines. She has other issues she obviously needs to deal with.


-Joss' real estate firm is taken over by another company and her boss, Mac is fired. Her new boss Olivier is unimpressed with her wardrobe and her work record.


-Joss sells the most difficult house on the books to prove her worth.

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Who would buy us? We kind of suck.


You know you loved that infected belly ring. It was all green and crusty.