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-Savi hates herself after having sex with Dominic. She tells Karen, who offers advice and April who is furious with her.


-Savi tells Dominic last night was a mistake and she loves her husband. He admits he's never had sex with a colleague at work before but points out Savi kissed him first.


-Harry apologizes for his behavior. Savi admits to him that their marriage has problems and she's not ready to have a baby.


-April finds proof that her husband was having an affair. She confronts his mistress, Miranda who admits she wants money.


-Karen lies when an insurance investigator questions her about Tom's death. Sam continues to pursue her and in a bad moment she yells at him and tells him not to return.


-Josslyn tries to help Harry and Savi reconcile. Joss and Alex grow closer. 

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

April: Paul had a baby with another woman.
Savi: My thing can wait.

Savi: That is not his face.
Joss: But it is his best feature.