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Karen accompanies Vivian to the doctors where she finds out that her body is rejecting Karen's cells. With the illness progressing rapidly, the doctor is unable to give Vivian a time frame of how much time she has left.

With Alec due to receive a prestigious award the following day, Vivian asks Karen not tell Alec so that he can enjoy his night. Karen reluctantly agrees. 

The night of the award ceremony, Karen helps Vivian to get ready, but before they leave, Vivian collapses. 

April and Lucy attend counseling and April admits she is still devastated that she hit her. Later, Marc visits April and asks her to see a show, but she is interrupted by a phone call from a neighbor claiming there is a strange man in her backyard. 

When they arrive home, they realize the intruder is Miranda's boyfriend. Miranda informs them she is looking to marry her new boyfriend and move Scotty to Las Vegas. Marc is very mad and urges her to let Scotty finish the school year in California. As he and April try to persuade her, she tells April that Marc relapsed a few weeks back and April is noticeably upset. 

Harry visits Joss, bringing a very upbeat attitude and he tells her that he wants to buy the house she looked at a few weeks back. 

In prison, Calista tries to talk to Joss and picks a fight with her to get some alone time. 

Joss is offered a plea deal of 10-12 years, which she initially rejects but then reconsiders. 

Meanwhile, Patty tries to get Calista to turn on Joss to protect herself but Calista refuses. Instead, Calista admits to killing Luca, without assistance from Joss. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Harry: Hey man, you should seize the day.
Marc: What's that?
Harry: April. Tell her how you feel. She could be taken from you tomorrow.

April broke up with Blair! Dropped him like the 180 pounds of dead weight that he was.

Marc [to Harry]