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Joss is set free from prison and Harry is there to greet her.

Harry meets with Rocco DiSpirito and is offered an amazing job with him on The Food Network, that would involve him traveling Europe for 12 months. When he brings this news to Joss, she encourages him to take it. 

When Joss receives a package from Calista, she goes to visit in her jail. Calista insists she didn't send it and Joss begins to realize that the killer could still be out their taunting her. 

After Harry accepts the job with Rocco, he invites Joss to join him and she agrees. While she's on her way to meet Harry, she stops at Calista's house first to talk to Maritza. When she arrives, she sees Wilson there dressed as Calista and he points a gun at her. 

Miranda follows though with her plan to take Scotty to Las Vegas and soon after Marc decides to leave LA for good. April begins to realize she has feelings for Marc and sets out to tell him. 

When she leaves to go look for him, she finds Marc on her front lawn and the two kiss. 

Vivian's health rapidly declines and Karen has to get Alec to accept what is happening and stop looking for a miracle. After recording a message for Karen and Alec's child, Vivian passes away peacefully. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Ah baby, I just think that after everythings that happened, I really, I just want to attack life, ya know?

Joss [to Harry]

It's happening so fast, Karen.