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Karen tells Vivian and Alec about her pregnancy and they are shocked. Their shock sparks an argument between the two and Karen leaves. Later, Vivian shows up and asks Karen if the three of them can raise the baby together under the same roof. When Karen accidently sees Vivian on an intimate lunch date, she jumps to the conclusion that Vivian may be cheating. She then goes to Vivian and Alec and tells them she doesn't want to raise the baby with them. 

When Vivian confronts Karen about her change of heart, Karen brings up the lunch date and Vivian admits that she is sick again. 

Harry gets to see Joss in prison and he begins to plant doubts in her mind about her lawyer, David. Soon, Joss is questioning David and the two have a spat. 

The tape Daniel got last week showed a woman driving Calista's car, wearing her ring and arriving at Calista's house around the time of the murder. As the tape makes the rounds, Calista comes under intense scrutiny and is later arrested after her alibi falls apart. 

When Joss sees Calista behind bars, she assumes she is being freed but David informs her that she is being charged as a co-conspirator.

With Blair back from his trip, April contemplates whether to tell him about Daniel. When Blair suggests they, along with Lucy, take a trip, April makes a fancy dinner for them to talk it over. Lucy seems disinterested and after calling her mother a name, April slaps her. 

Blair tries to make April feel better, but April is uninterested in his rationalizations and she asks him to leave. She and Lucy later make up and come to an understanding. 

When Blair comes to April to talk, she confesses that she slept with Daniel and Blair breaks up with her. 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Harry: I'll do anything for you, you know?
Joss: I know you would. I love you for that.
Harry: I love you.

There's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to say it. I'm pregnant.

Karen [to Alec and Vivian]