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With Joss in prison, April, Karen and Harry meet with David to discuss the case. He informs them that she is being held without bail, as Calista has built a pretty damning case against her. 

Karen tells April that she's pregnant and she thinks about her many options, including giving the baby to Alec and Vivian and keeping it herself. 

In jail, Joss begins to imagine what life would have been like if she had married Scott. She imagines their honeymoon, their future house and their debate over when to start having children. While she thinks of their life together, she is eventually still drawn to Harry and realizes that their love was inevitable. 

April calls Daniel and asks him for a favor. He comes to see her and tells her that he's called in a favor with his connections at the LAPD. They go out for lunch together and both admit that they've missed one another. Later, they have sex at her house. 

However, April soon realizes that she will never be able to trust Daniel and she breaks it off with him for good. Before he leaves, he gives her a flash drive that can help Joss' case. 

Karen goes to see her priest and ask for advice, but he comes off closed minded and Karen leaves. After buying some baby items, she heads to Alec and Vivian's to tell them the news. 

Ari comes to Harry with a big opportunity to cater a breast cancer fundraiser. Clouded by his worries about Joss, Harry and Ari battle over the event before Harry gives in. At the event, Ari reveals that her sister succumbed to breast cancer and Harry sees a side softer side to her that can help their working relationship. 


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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Karen: Life is complicated.
April: I know.

Karen: I'm pregnant.
April: What? Oh my God, Karen.
Karen: Yeah, I know.
April: Who?
Karen: Alec. And Vivian.