Hair Issues - mixed-ish
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The episode starts with a monologue on the stigma of black hair in the community and the discrimination faced. Bow is in school when a teacher tells students that picture day is coming. She singles out Bow to tell her that she has to make her 'neat '. 

This confuses Bow. She speakes to her parents, after finding her father doing her sister's hair. Alicia get angry and goes to Bow's school. 

She and Paul confront the teacher about her comment and the complex it could create for Bow. The teacher claims to mean no offense, but is not met with mercy. 

Later at dinner, Denise comes by and they recount their interaction. Though surprisingly, Denise takes the teacher's side of the disagreement. 

Alicia trys to fight for her choice to raise their children to be proud of their hair. Denise points out that Alicia didn't feel that way on her wedding and has picture proof. 

This effects the children, as the notice their mother hadn't always fought against the system. 

Johan asks Paul for a hair cut, and Bow calls Denise to have her hair straightened. Santamonica catches Bow so she tags along as well. 

Paul and Jackson bring Johan to a barber shop who tells them he would be more comfortable elsewhere. 

Bow is enchanted by the salon feels like she has finally come home. 

Johan is having no luck. The black barber shop doesn't know how to handle his hair either. He is told that the styles he wants won't work for his hair. Upset, he asks his father to go home. 

Bow loves her new straight hair much to her mother's dismay 

Johan and Paul try to figure out a style that works but ultimately ends up falling apart. 

Bow doesn't realize that sweat from gym class will ruin her hair. 

When she gets home Alicia has a serious conversation with the children about hair. She lets them know that whatever they choose is beautiful. 


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mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

No matter how you spun it. The term good hair was bad for black self-esteem

Adult Bow

Santamonica: Hold on, so there are people who do hair for a living.
Paul: Yeah, but…
Santamonica: And I trusted you.