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Every morning should start with your grandfather giving your money. Harrison walks into the home with some light racism and gets the episode fired up. The children are still dealing with school, especially Bow who hasn't chosen a race yet. Her parents are still fitting into their roles as well since her father has decided to be a stay-at-home Dad, which is beyond rare in 1985. 

The introduction into the tone of 1985 painted a picture of what our characters are dealing with. The options are limited and it usually comes down to picking a side of two options. Whether it be sports or your favorite band it all comes down to A or B. 

Something Bow experienced in school with two girls fighting in the hallway. She was asked which girl started the fight but was scared that picking either girl would be aligning herself with that race. She is proud to be mixed, and doesn't want to choose and exclude a part of herself. In doing so she unites everyone against her, leaving her isolated and eating alone in the bathroom. 

Her parents aren't doing too much better. Alicia is dealing with a racist co-worker Jack that continues to makes comments towards her that we'd call "micro-aggression." She comes to a point of fantasizing about physically harming him. She imagines taking off her earrings and having her sister as a hype woman. Sadly, reality hits her, as she realizes one false move and she could lose her job. 

The family has Paul's dinner and they go around the table talking about how they changed the world today. Bow explodes with the pressure of being only twelve and makes hurtful comments towards her father. 

Paul is struggling to find his way since Bow's comment makes him doubt himself about being a stay-at-home Dad. No employer will hire him due to his criminal record, and his sister-in-law continues to mock him for his lack of employment. Though after a heart-to-heart with his daughter he realizes that being a Dad might be his way to change the world. 

Bow meets a friend in the bathroom, who like herself is different. Paul's inspirational words ring and Bow grabs a new table and creates a place for herself. She and her new friend are joined by others and finally, Bow finds her way to change the world. 


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mixed-ish Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Starting the morning with light racism.


Dad, why is being different so hard?