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In this episode of Modern Family, the theme for each family was what's the key to being a good dad.  We'll break down the story by each of the "dads."

On a family bike ride, Claire introduces Phil to their attractive, soon-to-be divorced neighbor, Desiree.  After a little drooling, Claire drags Phil away, and we find out poor Luke is still stuck riding his sister's bike with a little black tape to make it manly.  Claire doesn't think he's responsible enough to have his own bike, but cool dad is determined to prove her wrong and buys him a bike.

Just hours after buying him the bike, Phil sees Luke's bike unlocked outside a store and tries to teach him a lesson by stealing his bike.  He begins to ride the bike home when he runs into Desiree, who locked herself out of her house.  He climbs through her bedroom door to unlock her house for her.  He goes back to the front to find the bike now actually got stolen!  Rather than admitting any of this, he buys a new bike and heads home.  

Desiree then comes over with the bike as Phil is telling Claire how the bike was stolen when he was at a gas station.  She says she put it in the garage, while he was in her bedroom.  Whoops. Busted.  Then we find out from Luke that the original bike is actually fine and just a little scratched up, meaning Phil stole the wrong bike! We now have three bikes!  Phil goes to take the original one back to the store where he stole it, when he runs into the actual kid who owns the bike who thinks he's stealing it now.  Phil runs from the kids.

For Phil, being a good dad is riding non-stolen bikes with his son.

Mitchell and Cameron
The boys take Lily to her first toddler play class and nervous Mitchell makes Cameron tone it down so they don't stick out as the only gay couple.  However, when Mitchell sees Lily isn't able to play with blocks like the other kids, he steals one of the other toddlers' block towers.  When the lady informs him they video tape everything, he realizes how crazy he's being.  When the guys head out, they run into another gay couple who arrives late with their child. Mitchell realizes what an ass he's being and gives Cameron permission to be himself and they return.

For Mitchell and Cameron, being a good dad is letting Lily grow at her own speed.

Gloria wants Jay to bond with Manny, so she has them install a ceiling fan together while Manny waits for his father to pick him up to go to Disneyland.  Manny spends the time telling stories about how awesome his dad is rather than bonding with Jay.  Then, when Manny's dad doesn't show up, Jay tries to cover up for him, but Manny sees through.  Jay then says his dad sent a limo for Jay and Gloria to take Manny to Disneyland in his place.  What a good guy.

For Jay, being a good dad is just showing up.

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Gloria [about Manny]: It's good, he keeps us grounded
Jay: Like a fog at a airport

I'll put on a polo and a pair of khakis and maybe people will think we're just a couple of golf buddies who decided to have a kid together