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We meet up with the Modern Family crew after a magical summer in Modern Family Season 6 Episode 1. For Cam and Mitchell, they are three weeks post-honeymoon and Cam is still in a blissful state. He has been giving Mitchell flowers everyday, getting him presents, and surprising him at work. Mitchell is not quite as into the romantic spirit. He doesn't want to upset Cam, but he's reached his breaking point.

Over at the Dunphys, Alex is away doing charity work and Phil, Claire, Luke, and Haley are having a relaxing and happy summer. Phil is working on his magic. Claire is watching Real Housewives. Haley has a fashion video blog. Luke is gardening. Everyone is getting along great, until Alex comes home. Then suddenly everything gets tense.

Alex had a miserable summer. Claire and Phil try to convince her to finish out her charity project, but she gets tipped off that they think she's bad luck. Before she leaves, the family realizes that they can't live without her because they are collectively dumber when she's not there. Also Haley's webcam has been on the whole time and that's why she has so many subscribers.

Jay and Gloria are fighting over his appearance. She says he's let himself go and he said she puts too much into her appearance. They have a standoff and Gloria wins. Meanwhile Manny throws Gloria a surprise birthday party.

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Don't get me wrong the Dunphys have some great days, we just have some trouble stringing them all together.


Cam: Oh my God! It feels like we have one mind and one heart.
Mitchell: And one chair.