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Things can't be getting worse for Christy. After having the kind of day where she's dropped a contract in a toilet she backs into another car while parallel parking. Christy leaves a note and then decides to go back and grab it. Then she had a dream about the car blowing up with George Clooney inside and so she decides to let Jill look up the license plate so that she can go make amends. She meets them and finds a Chinese couple who is angry with her. The son of the couple ends up asking her out but Christy blows it by hitting his car too. This leads to Christy figuring out that she needs glasses. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Adam are having marital problems. Bonnie thinks that Adam doesn't listen to her and has taken her concerns to her therapis, Trevor. Trevor gives Bonnie a couple of tools to try to help her have more constructive conversations with Adam. The tools don't work, and Bonnie goes into her next therapy appointment and happens upon a fight between Trevor and his wife Sandra. Bonnie ends up turning the tables on Trevor and getting him to talk about himself, for once. Bonnie then goes home and has a frank conversation about Adam who has spent a lot of time worrying about death. 

Tammy also catches up on all the pop culture she missed while she was drunk. 

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Mom Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Bonnie: We'll discuss this later once Trevor tells me how I feel.
Trevor: I don't tell you how you feel.
Bonnie: Which is another way you're letting me down.

Smoothies are canceled.