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Bonnie and Adam have reached the phase in their relationship where they are looking for couple friends. Bonnie and Adam return from a double date that Adam has blown. Bonnie is annoyed because she wants friends who can go to the movies, get sushi with, and spend weekends with at a beach house. When Bonnie vents about this, Jill suggests that they double date with her and Andy. They set up a dinner. Bonnie and Jill are very surprised that Andy and Adam are getting along so well, but as they get progressively drunker, Jill starts to worry. 

The events of the dinner cause Jill to realize how important a sober home is to her. She doesn't think Andy will be up for that kind of lifestyle so she tries to break up with him. Andy responds saying he'll just not drink and Jill is amazed he'd do that, and angry that he can just stop. 

Meanwhile, Marjorie is driving Tammy crazy. Tammy makes plans to move out, but then Christy gets some new information regarding Marjorie's finances that put the kabash on Tammy's announcement. Marjorie gets to be on the other side of her own advice when she starts to spin out and worry about her finances. 

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Mom Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Seymour is a very vigorous 72.


Christy: Why are you so hung up on having couple friends?
Bonnie: It's what you do when you get married. You cultivate relationships with other couples. You go to movies together, you meet for sushi, you stay at their beach house. They had a beach house.
Christy: Really? Do they have any kids my age?