When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 1 online, you'll see Bonnie enjoy her honeymoon until she sabotages it with her thoughts. She goes to a meeting and things turn out alright for the most part.

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When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 1 online you'll get to see Bonnie enjoy her honeymoon. She's not very good at unwinding though and keeps sabotaging her idyllic good time with criticisms about Adam. She calls Marjorie who reiterates that she needs to go to a meeting because alcoholism is a disease and meetings are the medicine. At the meeting, Bonnie meets a young woman who has just given up drinking and who is having a rough time. She connects with her and invites her to lunch. The young woman, Patty, eventually asks Bonnie to be her sponsor. Bonnie agrees telling Patty to call her every day. Later, by the fire with Adam, Adam says that since Bonnie's been helping Patty she's been a little less crazy. Meanwhile, Christy is put in charge of Adam's bar and tries to implement a few new changes as a wedding gift to Bonnie and Adam. Her changes rub the staff the wrong way and they all call in sick. Tammy still shows up though and calls Marjorie, Wendy, and Jill to help out. They all show up and rally to help Christy during the particularly hectic shift at a bar. Christy laments that Adam should have left Tammy in charge.

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On Mom Season 7 Episode 1, as Bonnie struggles to enjoy her perfect honeymoon with Adam, Christy makes some questionable changes at the bar while they're away.

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Mom Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

God, I hate those sunglasses. Why did he wait until our honeymoon to break out the hideous ladies eyewear?


Pants off we're mounting the bear.