When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 3 online you'll see what happens when Bonnie tries to take Adam's last name and what happens when Christy's boss gets high.

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Christy is dealing with a nightmare boss and the realization that everyone at her new job is on Adderall. Things get hairier when the group goes to a legal marijuana dispensary that looks like an Apple store and they're introduced to all the new applications of pot from breath strips to salad dressing and everything in between. Christy sees her boss the next morning to find that she's having a bad edible experience and needs to sober up before a big client meeting. Christy uses her knowledge from years of dealing with Bonnie to get her boss sober by slapping her. Meanwhile Bonnie is thinking of taking Adam's last name. Although she seems self-assured that this is exactly what she wants she is having trouble getting herself to the social security office. Eventually Bonnie realizes that the reason she doesn't want to change her name is that she's finally happy just being Bonnie Plunkett. Adam understands and says that if she wants to stay Bonnie Plunkett she should stay Bonnie Plunkett. Bonnie doesn't object to having a Janikowski sign out front though, especially since Gus and Adam do share a last name. Except, Gus's last name is Wooferton.

Episode Details

On Mom Season 7 Episode 3, Bonnie has second thoughts about taking Adam's last name while Christy is asked to perform questionable tasks for her demanding boss.

Rating: 2.6 / 5.0 (12 Votes)
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Mom Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Adam: We're cuter than otters.
Bonnie: And I thought marriage was going to be terrible.
Adam: You don't need to say that every morning.

Bonnie: Adam, I have an appointment at the Social Security Office where I will fill out a government form. After 22 years, I am allowing myself to show up on the grid.
Adam: I know that's a big step for you.
Bonnie: Yeah! Especially since there's a small chance I might be arrested.