The Gang's All Here - Monsieur Spade
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Spade discovers who has been following him. Philippe sets up a deal for the boy that quickly goes sideways, leading to a dangerous confrontation on the old town bridge. A mysterious newcomer arrives, uncovering secret identities and agendas.

Marguerite and Jean-Pierre are making love. When they finish, Marguerite is crying. They get dressed in silence. This might have been the last night they were together before he left for the army. He’s in uniform, and he appears less unkempt.

Now, Marguerite is talking with Sam and Patrice about his funeral. She wonders if the little boy is why Philippe shot her husband. She wonders why Samir didn’t do something else with the boy. He tells them about the Imam and why he went to Jean-Pierre, who once saved his life. He heard Philippe tell him that Jean-Pierre’s debt was now paid.

Marguerite wants them all to leave so she can sit there and scream in peace.

On his way through the square, Sam bums a cigarette from the cafe owner who says he’ll put it on his tab.

Jean-Pierre left a letter for Marguerite, but she shoves it back in the envelope before she finishes it.

Sam stops by the mechanic to see who rode in on the motorcycle. It was Henri. Was it Henri who shot at them? It sure was. He says he shot through the window and never misses.

French fealty is a bit over the top. The mechanic sounds like a leaflet someone dropped from an airplane; Sam notes after he says Sam is just an American enjoying life in Bozouls off the hard work of the French. But maybe they haven’t taken note that he’s been fighting for the people in this town for a long time now. He can’t even swim in his pool anymore, which is a fucking tragedy, Sam says.

Based has cut down a dogwood tree he planted years ago to block them from the neighbors. He thinks it was struck by lightning since it’s split in half. Was that a bullet hole?

Helena has a look on her face when Sam gets home. Mr. Kahn is in the living room bringing greetings from a respective friend named Mr. Dundee. Mr. Kahn finds things that don’t want to be found. He’s a private investigator specializing in industrial sabotage. He is there to take the boy back to his family.

They have a long discussion about the whats and whys of the current situation and discover Sam has a wisecrack for every occasion. He ultimately sees himself out.

When Sam goes to Gabrielle’s old room, he’s taken back in time to when she fixed up the pool area for him. Before him, nobody took advantage of the pool because it was so far from the house.

She wants him to know everything about the property, from the land to the workers. She hopes he learns how to make wine. She’s trying to tell him she’s dying. She’s got months to live. She’s resigned and giving him everything. It’s all now his. She will not allow him to watch her die. She’s leaving. He wants to know why she’s told him if she won’t tell him when? She would rather be alone with her memories than drag him into it with her.

Teresa has been altering Gabrielle’s clothes. Sam is upset. Helena showed her the sewing machine and how to use it. He wonders why everyone thinks they know what Gabrielle would have wanted. He takes the scarf Gabrielle was wearing during that conversation.

Patrice is looking at photos; sure they haven’t seen the worst. But Maurice isn’t there. He’s following an odd sound outside. It sounds like a wounded animal.

Sam pours himself a scotch. Helena hasn’t seen Teresa or Henri. Teresa is walking away from town.

Philippe is putting together his long gun.

Henri and Teresa talk. He’s fighting for an idea, which is Algeria. She doesn’t understand. She admits she stole his notebook. He says he can’t tell her about Monsieur Spade or Philippe. She says the only person she has been fighting for was herself until she got two years older. She must have heard Marguerite and Sam talking about her, perhaps not being 14 or 15 years old.

George and Gazala make out in another alley. They’re betraying their people to someday do this in public on the beach. They only have ten minutes, but he only needs five.

Philippe is waiting.

George walks down the alley and into the tight street, where he is run over on purpose both forward and backward. He’s a bloody pulp in the street, gurgling when Mrs. Fitzsimmons exits the car, insults him, and then shoots him three times.

Maurice has made it to the club, where he asks Marguerite if she’s seen anyone. Only him.

Philippe opens the window.

Sam is out looking for Teresa.

Patrice is out looking for Maurice.

Something is happening in The Hole. A young lady has news for Patrice, and it’s quite detailed.

Marguerite arrives at Audrey’s house and pulls out a gun.

Teresa hears the sound and stumbles upon the monk who is making it. He wants her to stay very quiet or he’ll saw off her head. Maurice arrives, but the monk knocks him down. Teresa bites the monk, but he isn’t bested and has a gun to her head.

Marguerite is talking about Jean-Pierre and Philippe, which the latter hears from upstairs. Meanwhile, Mr. Kahn and another man are on the bridge meeting Gazala, who has the boy’s hand. Henri and Philipe both have rifles pointed at people. Marguerite rambled and left the gun with Audrey. Mr. Kahn is shot. Philippe shoots at Henri. Sam is blocked in the alleys. The passenger in the car asks the boy to come with him. Philippe begins shooting at him, too. The boy runs. Henri gets a shot off near Philippe. Marguerite is like what the hell is happening??

Maurice is hurt, but he tells Patrice it’s the monk. The monk is now on the bridge with Teresa as hostage. The boy can save the girl if he comes to them. Teresa screams for him to run. Henri has a good shot at the monk but doesn’t take it. The monk is talking about God or something. Teresa gets Sam. Everyone shoots at the Monk, and he’s finally down.

Philippe grabs his papers and all that jazz to leave. Before he can do that, Mrs. Fitzsimmons enters.

Patrice says he no longer wants this mess. But Alfre Woodard and a few other gentlemen arrive on the bridge too. What in the heck?

Marguerite finds Zayd. He hugs her, and she hugs him back.

Alfre holds an audience at Audrey’s house with all of the players. She has a hilarious story about her dying grandfather calling her grandmother Ruth before he died when her name was Betty. Nobody can lie to her because it’s her job to suss out the truth.

In walks Father Morgan. We knew he had to have a bigger role! Alfre is Virginia Dell, retired Lt. Colonel in the Canadian Special Forces Command and current undersecretary of the United Nations Office of Peace Time Conflict Resolution.

Nobody knows her, but she knows that they know why she’s here. Mrs. Fitzsimmons first claims dibs. Why shouldn’t she send the child back to his home? Everyone argues and puts their two cents in, but Virginia has a retort for them all, too.

Philippe was fooled by Mr. Kahn. Father Morgan put the maniac monk on the street, so it’s really the church’s fault for the deaths. She calls him section chief, and he calls her a bitch before leaving.

Patrice arrests Philippe. In the end, the only person left in the room besides the children is Monsieur Spade. She isn’t pleased with him and believes he could have done more to alleviate the situation. She has him wrong, as least wrong as we know him now. She wants to punish Henri, but Sam talks her out of it.

When she gets ready to leave, Virginia calls Zayd. He doesn’t come, so she begins whistling the same song as Philippe.

Mrs. Fitzsimmons says her name is Felicity, Joy, Elizabeth, or whatever fits. George’s was Reggie.

Marguerite is going to sing sad songs all night. It almost seems like she and Sam are going to make a go of it. There really might have been something between them.

Sam asks Teresa to call him Sam. Later, he puts away his Detective gear and hat but pulls the hat out at the last second.

He goes to the pool. Sporting his hat and nothing else, he hears Gabrielle asking him if he’s coming in or not.

Monsieur Spade
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Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Henri: I’m not what you think I am, Monsieur Spade.
Sam: You’re exactly what I think you are. You’re a sap who has been sucked into Anatol’s OAS bullshit.
Anatol: I’m not OAS. I’m XO Forces.
Sam: Oh, Jesus. How many fuckin’ dogmatic maniacs can you have in one country?

Sam: However good a shot you think you are, you could have killed Teresa, and trust me, I don’t think you could’ve lived with that.
Henri: You don’t know what I could live with.
Sam: No, what I meant, Henri, is that I would have fucking killed you.