George: I could hear you coming halfway across the city.
Gazala: You are not the first to say that.

All this time, I thought you bent more for the blokes! [shoots him three times]

Mrs. Fitzsimmons [to George]

Mr. Kahn: Do you know where the word sabotage comes from?
Sam: The dictionary.

Teresa: If you are a soldier, you need to decide who and what you fight for.
Henri: Who and what do you fight for?
Teresa: The only thing I have ever been sure of. Myself. But that was before.
Henri: What happened?
Teresa: I got two years older.

Oh, and Henri, for love of God, stop trying to protect us before you get us all killed.


Sam: You sound like a leaflet someone dropped from an airplane. I mean, you may not have noticed, but I do nothing but fight for the people in this odd place, and all the people who live around the true, including you two ignorant dimwits. And yeah, I have a swell life, or at least I did until you all fucked it up. I can’t even go for a swim in my pool anymore.
Anatol: How terrible for you, huh?
Sam: Yes, it is a fucking tragedy!

Sam: However good a shot you think you are, you could have killed Teresa, and trust me, I don’t think you could’ve lived with that.
Henri: You don’t know what I could live with.
Sam: No, what I meant, Henri, is that I would have fucking killed you.

Henri: I’m not what you think I am, Monsieur Spade.
Sam: You’re exactly what I think you are. You’re a sap who has been sucked into Anatol’s OAS bullshit.
Anatol: I’m not OAS. I’m XO Forces.
Sam: Oh, Jesus. How many fuckin’ dogmatic maniacs can you have in one country?

Gabrielle: You once told me that a life is an easy thing to walk away from.
Sam: Yeah, that’s just one of those fucking stories I tell. When are you leaving?

Forgive me, Sam. [she disrobes] Whenever you want to see me, come down here. [she enters the pool] I’ll be waiting for you. Are you going to stand there moping, or are you going to get in here?


Anatol: I love my country. I would die for my country.
Sam: Do you have to do all your loving and dying in Bozouls? Aren’t there plenty of your fellow patriots in Argentina that you can write angry manifestos and compare kill lists with? Leave me to enjoy my cognac and foul cheese in peace?

If it isn’t Inspector Suchet of the Whatever.


Monsieur Spade Quotes

Sam: You speak perfect English.
Gabrielle: I had a good teacher.
Sam: Another talent I lack.
Gabrielle: Teaching?
Sam: Learning.
Gabrielle: You just have to be taught by someone you want to listen to.
Sam: I’m all ears.

I couldn’t tell you what sort of man I am other than I keep my promises, particularly when I’m paid to.