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The police are on the scene of the murders. Patrice suggests Sam protect himself with something more reliable than just his wits.

When Sam gets home, he gives Helena the news. She had prepared the Blue Room for Teresa and Sam goes off to find her.

Jean-Pierre awakes from a nightmare. He’s reliving the war.

Marguerite wears a ruby necklace from Gabrielle. He asks her to keep it on and begins nuzzling her neck. She wonders what happened to them. He suggests she pretend he’s someone else.

Teresa is not in the room. She may have left last night, or else someone came and took her. Outside, Sam finds his car tires flattened. He uncovers his old car and drives off, almost running over George. George saw a young lady on the road, running. She looked upset.

Spade returns to the convent, where Claude is scrubbing the blood off the floors. The children have gone to a far-away location called Sainte Foy because the abbey had room for all of them. Claude has not seen Teresa.

When Claude asks why such good souls were taken, in Sam’s experience, the better souls never stand a chance.

Sam goes into the office to look at the Sisters' files. It seems like the bell and its poor timekeeping might play into the story, especially when Sam climbs the tower, coughing with his emphysema.

The tower's wall has carved text close to the bottom near the floor. Impossible to say what it is. Teresa is smoking up in the rafters.

She’s waiting for Philippe to come because he promised. Good luck with that, Sam says.

In the car, Sam wonders how her doll wound up headless in the chapel. Teresa says she stopped playing with dolls years ago. She notices the car still smells of roses and talks of how Gabrielle used to visit, bringing her things.

Gabrielle didn’t want Teresa to hate Sam for what he did to her father. A bullet strikes the car. Sam stops the car and drives furiously in reverse. The biker takes off in front of him, and the chase is on.

The biker gets away, and Maurice later finds an army bullet in the dashboard. Sam doesn’t think even Philippe would shoot if Teresa were in the way. Nobody with bullet wounds was in hospital or anything.

Teresa delivers the bloody shirt to Patrice and says she needs to borrow Spade’s lawyer. Never talk to the police without one, her mother told her. They’ll trick her from a witness into a suspect.

George is jotting down notes in a tablet. Hmmm. Why? Henri arrives with a tablet of his own.

Philippe’s file has been redacted many places. He’s a spy. Henri heard that the last time Philippe was on base, he was hiding a young Algerian woman on the base. Nobody heard a name.

As he’s in the pool, Sam remembers Danielle naked by the pool. He wonders if she forgot something. She’s reminding him that there’s more to her than his money.

Sam visits with his doctor about the autopsies. He had files on all nuns other than the new one who greeted Sam at the door. She was sporting a locket with photos of her and maybe her son. She wasn’t a real nun.

Patrice recalls his relationship with the Mother Superior, discussing Philippe and not killing when there are other options. She loves all men as she swore to God. Killing Philippe would be murder, not loyalty, as they did during the war. She wishes they had chosen another way to deal with Jacques, who burned David. What they did then was so clear, but not so now.

He wonders. If they don’t fire the weapon, will God forgive them for Philippe’s death?

An inspector arrives to accompany the bodies to Paris, but Patrice isn’t willing to let them go, especially to someone without any murder experience. He threatens to return the Inspector’s badly bruised body back to Paris, and the inspector threatens to have him fired. Maurice arrives brandishing a weapon, and the inspector leaves.

Gabrielle’s husband was named Jacques, we discover, when Sam takes the car for repairs. Sam also spots a motorcycle of interest in the garage.

Marguerite checks in with him and wonders if he’s OK. Nobody has shot anybody in town for a long time, especially not six nuns.

Spade doesn’t think Philippe would do this. He’s all talk. Marguerite says that Sam makes Jean-Pierre and other men feel small. Philippe says he’s misunderstood and doesn’t really care.

Back at the estate, George introduces his mother to Sam. She’s a little bit pushy. She wants to see the landscape her husband painted for his late wife. George wants to go, too. They’ve rented the villa next door.

They want to see the painting. They gush over it, and then Mrs. Fitzsimmons brings up Philippe as a “friend” of Sam’s. She says that he paid a generous sum for one of her husband’s paintings, and Sam finds that hard to believe since Philippe doesn’t pay for anything he can just as easily take.

Marguerite wonders if Jean-Pierre took the shot at Sam. He was out hunting. She says they have never been anything but partners, but Jean-Pierre seems angry that he was never adequately compensated by Gabrielle for bringing the vineyard back to life. That was long before Sam and a husband inherits the land. He stalks off.

Sam wonders why Teresa had to slash both tires. She plays innocent. They’re looking from where the shots were fired. Sam finds an empty pack of cigarettes that, if there were here last night, would have been covered in leaves.

Teresa isn’t up front with Sam about what happened in the convent. Did she see something she shouldn’t have? She admits her father wasn’t there to see her but to see Angelique, the new sister. The kid in the locket came a month later with Philippe.

Teresa was hiding Zayd in the tower when the commotion began. She hid the kids behind locked doors, ran to her room, and heard the first gunshot. When she got to the chapel, the Monk was holding sisters with the gun to their heads. When they wouldn’t say where the boy was, he shot them one by one.

Teresa stood there and watched them all get shot, holding a little knife in her hand as if that would do anything. Poor girl. She couldn’t look away. And then the monk saw her.

He grabbed her by the legs and pulled her, asking where the boy was. I was wrong. That knife did the trick. She jammed it into the monk long enough to escape. By the time she got to the bell tower, the boy was gone.

But before Angelique was killed, she told the monk the Mahdi was waiting for them. Sam wonders, what the hell has her father gotten her into?

At the club, someone is hiding behind a curtain by the coat check. The employee pulls back the curtain, and Zayd is there, holding a gun.

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Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I’ll tell you what. You stay and wait for your father to show up; smoke to your lungs’ content. I’ll be back at sundown. If you’re still hanging around, you’ll come home with me. If not, it’s swell knowing you, and I hope you and Philippe have a nice life on the run.


Patrice: Tell me, Sam. Outside of the antique Gabrielle got you for St. Valentine’s or whatever, do you still possess a working pistol?
Sam: Anyone who wants to shoot me will have to bring their own gun.
Patrice: I have no idea what that means, but it has the ring of your usual moral foolishness. Still, there’s a madman running around. You might want to protect yourself with something more reliable than just your wits.