Spade and Philippe Sit Down - Monsieur Spade
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Bozouls, 1955

Sam and Philippe meet. Philippe trades barbs with Sam that bounce off the detective. Philippe says he speaks in metaphors, and Sam decides he’s either really dumb or he’s being provoked, which is also really dumb. He’s none of the things that he thinks he is, and Sam is ready to get back to the states where people don’t butter their fruit.

Sam is trying to buy him off on behalf of everyone in his hit list, but he’s putting up a bit of a fight. His ultimate answer is no, and the look on Sam’s face promises that he’ll be sorry for that decision.


Samir is taking Zayd somewhere, assumedly safe. Yes. He’s taking him home. Zaid runs to the table to eat. By his clothing, you can tell he’s come from money. Who is he hiding from? Samir just sees that he’s very afraid.

Other family members do not believe he can stay. It will bring them trouble. Why did the boy have a French Army gun? Perhaps the Imam can help.

Someone visits Marguerite about a dying man. Her message to the man is to hurry up.

Marguerite thinks they have mice and doesn’t want to set traps because they are cruel. Jean-Pierre is wearing a gun, and she wonders why. When he leaves, she looks in the wall safe.

Spade is recalling Gabrielle in the vineyard. He sees her everywhere. He also recalls telling Gabrielle about a man who fell into the same life he ran away from. She says that’s the part of the story he loves best. She thinks that he’s telling her without saying it that he might leave at any moment without warning. She says they have that in common. She will leave him and won’t be much of a wife. Forever is an absurd word to her. He susses out that she’s ill. Philippe told her at the airport right before he put her on the plane.

She beat cancer. The one days of leaving each other sounds like every love story he’s ever heard. She laughs.

Patrice arrives. They’ve got a meeting with the Bishop and asks Sam along.

George has a painting for Monsieur Spade. He thinks there’s a brilliant place in the library. I think he means to steal the other.

Henri is keeping an eye on Teresa who has been swimming for three hours. Helena reminds him she’s 15. But she’ll soon be 16 and then 18. He’s a patient man, he tells his grandmother before helping Teresa to towel off.

Jean-Pierre stops somewhere and three men circle his bike. He asks them to keep an eye of it for him, showing them his gun. He’s taking items to a man for cash. He wants to return to Algeria. He wants to know if “she’s” dead. The fellow says yes. He offers $20k for the stash, and Jean-Pierre counter with $40k. They settle on $30k.

Before the meet with the Bishop, Patrice begs Sam to listen with his ears and not his mouth. The man inside introduces himself as Monsignor Clement, Vicar General of the Diocese. That’s like vice president, no, Sam wonders aloud?

The bishop isn’t available, so it will be the Vicar General and Father Morgan from NYC. Oh! It’s Dean Winters. They claim to have found and apprehended the monk. He’s on his way to Rome where he will be tried. Patrice is displeased. The Vatican doesn’t have jurisdiction, and Patrice lets the Vicar know that with quite unsavory and strong language. From over Sam’s shoulder, Maurice says, maybe you should listen with your ears! Patrice tells him to shut up.

They won’t divulge the Monk’s name, either, which increases the issue. They want any evidence turned over to Father Morgan. Spade knows they’re talking about the boy. Sam and Father Morgan speak uneasy English before Patrice says they’ll be investigating further regardless.

After the depart, Father Morgan follows, sharing the Monk’s name. Friar Angelo. He was sent to Bozoul by Ignus Omnipotence, a Vatican secret society. Who knew, right? Father Morgan has been sent to ferret out all the fanatics. It hasn’t been going well. He says they’re on the same side, and Sam says now they can add the Americans to those chasing the kid.

Teresa is digging around in Gabrielle’s closet trying on clothes and listening to her music. It’s a little loud, don’t you think, Sam asks after bursting in. Teresa says Gabrielle had exquisite taste. He says in everything but men. They’re playing a game of only telling the truth so she doesn’t lose her self respect. He wonders about the boy. Philippe said they were paying him to take care of the boy, and Sam wonders if they hated the boy that much.

Teresa knows Philippe is close by not because she’s important to him but because Zayd is.

French secret service are always following the Imam, so he cannot take Zayd. Zayd keeps writing on the walls, so they gave him paper. He’s talking to them, but they don’t know how to listen.

Chastain enters the club to talk with Marguerite. “He” has something to say to her. He served him for 40 years. He’s a changed man. She tells him to return tomorrow morning. She says that if he isn’t dying, she will kill him herself.

Sam visits the doctor again, and the doctor wants to check his chest while Sam asks questions. He’s told to quit or die again, and Sam prefers he beat around the bush when it comes to his death. Is Audrey (Philippe’s mother) a patient? Everyone in town is. She was also his nurse. Sam needs to find Philippe, and he thinks his ticket is Audrey.

He asks the doctor to drop the news that Teresa has been shot. Not sick, but shot.

Sam is at the cafe and asks for salt and pepper. The proprietor thinks it’s insulting, but in America, the food was good.

Jean-Pierre ruins his breakfast by joining him at the table. He wants to share his story. He was in love with Gabrielle at 16. They were not blood relations. He called her aunt because of her closeness with his mother. She met his mother when she was admitted to the asylum after Jacques’s death. Jean-Pierre says that his lawyer thinks it’s possible Gabrielle wasn’t in her right mind when she created her will. Sam is nonplussed.

Jean-Pierre stole from Gabrielle to get out of the army for a price from Philippe. She would have given him whatever he needed, so it’s strange that he didn’t just ask. Jean-Pierre says that Gabrielle would have also forgiven him. He wants to leave and ensure Marguerite’s future. He wants to know his rights. Sam says he has none, but if he does he just wants a fair price and he will still leave.

Audrey is lying on the couch when someone comes to the door. It’s the doctor, and she’s a mess. His name is Simon. She hides her bottle of booze under the couch, which opens the door to his comment that perhaps she’s drinking since Teresa has been shot.

Teresa tells Sam she remembers meeting him. She has no idea why she was in Istanbul. She also wonders about the money in her trust fund. A nose for antiques. Philippe stole the antiques. Teresa wants to live here with Sam. But when the convent reopens, she’s going back.

He finds her pluck amusing.

Philippe already got the news and calls Sam. He wonders where the boy is. Philippe says nine o’clock at the cemetery. Are you fucking kidding me, Sam questions.

Sam loads up on a gun and grabs passports for he and Teresa. Teresa puts on the record player again, this time enjoyable music.

Sam gets to the cemetery, but nobody is there. He races home. Did Philippe trick him to get Teresa? But Teresa is in her bed sound asleep.

He’s wheezing from the exertion.

Outside of her room, Helena pulls a gun, and Sam pulls one back. As they share a drink, he says she missed her chance to shoot him. George and Mrs. Fitzsimmons are listening to the conversation. I knew they were bad news!

As they part, Sam hears a noise. Mrs. Fitzsimmons says, someone’s in the house. A struggle has Sam fighting for his life. George is worried. The girl! Mrs. Fitzsimmons says to sit. They are not to intervene. Teresa screams Mr. Spade! And a gunshot rings out.

Monsieur Spade
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Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Philippe: You understand what I’m saying?
Sam: Not really, but then I was too busy wondering what day you might finish talking to listen.

Sam: I work for Gabrielle Lavarone.
Philippe: As what? As a Gardner?
Sam: More like her housekeeper.
Philippe: Tell me your name again?
Sam: Samuel Spade.
Philippe: How ridiculous.
Sam: My mother liked it.
Philippe: A whore, no doubt.
Sam: Maybe we’ll leave my mother out of this and focus on you and me.