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Fernando is in jail and meets with his lawyer who tells him he's looking at years in jail. His little brother can't believe that someone cracked their social media code.  Fernando vows someone will get hurt for putting him in jail. Fernando has a realization.

Fsociety crew is at a cafe. Mr Robot manages to copy the security ID off of a Steel Mountain employee so that they can drive in to the facility. They go over the plan to get Elliot in for a "tour," using strategies prepped against the Steel Mountain employees Bill and Wendy, that Elliot is supposed to encounter.

Elliot, under code name Sam Sepiol, tries to get Steel Mountain worker Bill Harper to give him a tour of the facility. After some convincing and a fake Wikipedia confirming his identity as a tech billionaire, Harper lets him in for the tour.

Angela is in the process of moving out while Ollie tries to convince her to stay. Angela reveals that she used Ollie's ID and computer to infect Allsafe's network per the hackers' demands. She leaves for her father's house in New Jersey.

Mr. Robot instructs Elliot to "tear down" Bill as they are going through the tour. He tells Elliot to make Bill feel small. Elliot has a memory of his mother berating him and then successfully makes Bill feel bad by telling him no one would care if he died.

Trudy Davis, who is not the Wendy that they had prepped a strategy for, is called by Bill. Elliot asks for a tour of Level 2 and she shuts him down. She escorts him out. Fsociety fakes an ominous text from her husband and she rushes off, leaving Elliot unwatched. He goes for Level 2. While struggling to find a way there, he encounters Tyrell who intercepts him and asks what Elliot is doing there.

Shayla is at her new job at a restaurant. She and the woman training her discuss what she did before ("pharmaceutical sales," according to Shayla).

Elliot and Tyrell walk through Steel Mountain. Tyrell questions what Elliot is doing there, and invites him for lunch. Elliot reroutes their lunch destination to be closer to Level 2. Tyrell speaks disparagingly of a "lowly" waiter he has seen at the restaurant for the past 7 years. Elliot, paranoid, escapes by saying he has to go to the bathroom, throwing up from his continued withdrawal.

Elliot installs the raspberry pi in climate control. Tyrell finds him in the bathroom and reveals he knows that Elliot framed Terry Colby and that Elliot's father worked for Evil Corp before he died. He is aware that Elliot's larger goal is revenge against Evil Corp -- though he has no proof for any of his claims. He also says he doesn't care.

Darlene encounters a road block with the Dark Army hacker supergroup blocking her attempts at access. She goes to confront Cisco about it though Trenton warns her not to push Dark Army.

Angela goes to visit with her father. He tells her that Ollie called him and that he told Ollie off. Angela's dad offers to help her out with money and by letting her stay with him.

Tyrell and his wife strategize in their car.

Darlene confronts her ex-boyfriend Cisco about his Dark Army connections calling off the operation. He tells her that they were out before fsociety even got to Steel Mountain. He tells her to let it go, but she freaks out.

Tyrell and Mrs. Wellick are at dinner Scott Knowles (the candidate for Evil Corp CTO) and his wife. Tyrell tries to convince him to let him be his right hand man. Other guy is not convinced, voicing his mistrust of Tyrell's intentions in being his right hand.

Shayla calls Elliot from her job and they chat about it.

Back with the Wellicks, Mr. Knowles (the CTO candidate) chats up Mrs. Wellick about wine-tasting while Tyrell attempts to flirt with the wife. He corners her in the bathroom, where she becomes receptive to his moves, but he then backs down and leaves without trying anything, thanking her for a lovely evening.

The fsociety men come back victorious but Darlene has to break the news that, though she successfully got the pi online, China is out and the takedown as planned is not happening. She admits that it's her fault and that she messed up. Darlene insists that they go forward with it themselves to at least take down E Corp for a few weeks, but Mr. Robot refuses, saying that they do nothing until they can 'kill' them, taking them out permanently. Mid-argument, Elliot ignores a call from Shayla. Elliot talks Darlene down and says she can stay at his place.

Angela finds a bunch of E Corp bills at her dad's place, realizing that he's massively in debt.

Elliot returns home with Darlene and finds Shayla's apartment door unlocked and his dog barking. He picks up a phone on the floor that rings -- it's Fernando Vera calling Elliot from jail.

Angela, out for a jog, comes to a literal fork in the road and stops, not knowing which path to take.

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

People always make the best exploits. I've never found it hard to hack most people. If you listen to them, watch them, their vulnerabilities are like a neon sign screwed into their heads. Mobley's a glutton, who lacks discipline from his urges. Romero is a know-it-all and a hypochondriac. Mr. Robot? His flaw is he's absolutely insane. We're talking clinical. When they say "if your friends jump off a bridge, would you?" -- he would. Without hesitation, just to prove something. He goes in there, he's liable to blow the whole place up, just like he wanted to in the first place.


Fernando Vera: I ain't pleading anyway. Men can't sentence me. That is a cosmic responsibility. Someone is going to get hurt for this. That's how we get square with the universe.
Lawyer: Fernando, we need to discuss strategy, you don't want super max.
Fernando Vera: Nah. If they lock me up the kind of door they close don't matter.