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Elliot ponders his last line of morphine. He notes that all of his choices thus far (turning in Vera to the police, meeting Mr. Robot) have led him to this -- his last line.

Elliot explains to fsociety his alternate plan -- to mess with the HVAC system at Steel Mountain, making its stored data unreadable, rather than blowing it up and risking innocent lives. He wants to hack the climate control system of the data storage facility, which is deep in the Adirondacks. A pragmatic fsociety member (Romero) notes that it is heavily guarded and very hard to break into. Elliot says they just need one security flaw. Romero notes it was built not to have any flaws. Mr. Robot asks whether he's sure he doesn't want to just blow it up. Some of the fsociety members are more excited about Elliot's plan than others.

Elliot says that the circuit board he has if installed behind the thermostat will allow them a "back door" to Steel Mountain's climate control system. Darlene notes that that is called a "raspberry pie."

Withdrawal begins for Elliot. He broke his own rule because he has no Simoxil/withdrawal medication, so he does his last line of morphine. He promises the listener it is his last line of morphine and he mentally prepares for the effects of withdrawal.

On the street the next morning while walking Flipper, Elliot sees two black-suited men and panics. He shouts "What do you want?" at them. They don't react.

Darlene knocks on his door. She asks for clarity on his plan and notes that Elliot looks like shit. Elliot ignores her, saying he is fine, and they leave for fsociety.

Elliot follows Darlene back to fsociety. Romero still notes that Elliot's plan (which requires getting into multiple Steel Mountain facilities) will not work due to Evil Corp's recently-upped security protocol. Elliot asks where they got the security information. Romero says they are still keyed in to Evil Corp's network. Elliot realizes this is what Tyrell was talking about . Romero reacts strongly, wondering what Elliot is doing being friendly with Tyrell, E Corp's CTO. Elliot notes that the security plans are not being effected until the first of the month -- so they still have time to enact his plan. They just need to get ready to do it soon.

Most of the fsociety members acknowledge that his plan is doable. Romero still insists that they have lost their minds and expresses concerns about China and that they'll need to execute the hack before Tuesday. Darlene says not to worry, she'll hit up her Dark Army contact. Romero suggests disbelief that Darlene will so casually hit up the most dangerous hacker crew in the world, and notes that the plan is "shit."

Romero calls Elliot out on being a junkie and continues to express that something isn't right about Elliot. He talks to another member who replies that it isn't about trust and that "he has gotten us this far." They hack into a mom's minivan and drive off.

Back at fsociety headquarters, Elliot asks if the unusually silent Mr. Robot is going to comment on his plan at all. Mr. Robot says that Elliot seems to have everything under control. Elliot points out it isn't his operation. Mr. Robot reiterates that Elliot is the key to the whole thing.

In the car with the other hackers, Elliot continues to experience pervasive withdrawal symptoms.He throws up in the car. He insists he only needs a slight rest. the doubter insists that it will get worse before it gets better. elliot tucks in for the night, insisting not to be mad at him because he's about to change the world.

While Ollie sleeps, Angela sneaks around looking for the hacker's CD. He wakes up and asks Angela where she's going. Angela says she's meeting her dad for brunch. He says he won't let himself off easy, and that he'll wine and dine her until he feels he's redeemed herself. He kisses her and Angela looks visibly uncomfortable.

Angela goes to Elliot's apartment. She bumps into Shayla who says he's gone for the day, and she's not sure where he is but she'll tell Elliot that Angela stopped by. She invites Angela on the walk with Flipper. 

Elliot is going through serious withdrawal at the hotel room en route to the Steel Mountain site. Romero says they should leave Elliot, go back, and start developing a plan B. 

Darlene and Trenton, back at fsociety, continue to work on the climate control system hack (the "raspberry pie"). Darlene notes it's been a full 24 hours and wonders where everyone else is. Trenton says that maybe the plan was too ambitious and they should reevaluate when they get back. She says they need to hit China's data center simultaneously-- if the Dark Army isn't compliant, there isn't much they can do. Darlene realizes she knows where "her guy" will be. The other girl questions how wise it is to go to track down the Dark Army contact, and then insists on going with Darlene to do it, though Darlene resists.

Shayla and Angela walk through the park. Shayla gives Angela pills ("clarity") and convinces her to take them, to forget her problems for a little while. Angela, after some hesitation, takes the pills.

Darlene and Trenton are waiting at a bar for the contact, a bar that Darlene insists that her contact goes to every Sunday. Darlene is certain that he will show. Trenton is unconvinced.

At the hotel room, Romero wants to dump Elliot at the hospital & leave. Elliot insists he needs a hit to get through this and then he'll be better to get back on the road, that they don't have time to wait out the withdrawal. Mr. Robot says he can't let him do this (more drugs), but eventually gives in and accompanies Elliot to a drug dealer to get him one hit to get him through.

Elliot goes in to the drug den. There are fsociety tags all along the walls. The dealer tells him rather than pills all they have are injectables. A girl offers to help Elliot and insists it'll be okay. Elliot's thoughts are erratic and jumping all over the place. The girl injects the drugs into him and his chaotic thoughts abruptly stop. The junkie girl gets on top of Elliot and starts kissing him. A gun fight starts. The girl gets shot and killed. Elliot also gets shot. A series of hallucinations then begin.

The weather playing on the TV abruptly changes to another Mr. Robot/fsociety hack video. Elliot's eyes close and suddenly, Elliot is behind the hack video camera, on the video, where Mr. Robot in a Mr. Monopoly mask ("made in the Orient -- made just for your head") hands Elliot another Monopoly mask and a key. Elliot asks what the key opens. Mr. Monopoly tells him to find the monster and return the key.

Elliot is suddenly walking, in the day, and finds a mailbox for "the Aldersons'" house. Instead of a house, he finds a sign saying "Error 404 Not Found." A girl on a bike rides up to him. Elliot says "hello friend" and the girl notes that they are not friends. He asks what happened to the house and she asks what his monster is. She hands him back his key, noting that she thinks he dropped it. Elliot starts humming the song the girl was humming.

Elliot walks into a house and finds Tyrell. He converses with a talking fish, who says the only thing Elliot can do for him (the fish, or any "brother in a fish bowl") is to move him to a window.

Elliot is then sitting across from Angela at their cubicle farm, where it's made up like a restaurant. As she takes a bite of her fish, Elliot says "but Angela he's my friend." Angela replies yes and that he is delicious; she offers him a bite of the fish. In Allsafe/the restaurant, he sees a memory of his mother forcing him to eat something.

Elliot is given "piping hot" raspberry pie and told to enjoy with caution because it's piping hot. He bites into and spits out the key. Angela suddenly reacts as though Elliot has proposed, saying "I do." Elliot smiles and hugs her while everyone in the cubicle farm/restaurant applauds.

Suddenly Elliot, in a suit and bowtie, walks into the fsociety arcade. He sees Angela there in a wedding dress, who says she told "those people in there" what they wanted to hear, that he won't change the world because he "was born a month ago," and that the key didn't fit. She says he's afraid of his monster and asks whether he even knows what it is. He asks why it didn't fit and she asks whether it isn't obvious. Her voice distorts: "You're not Elliot, you're--" She gets cut off.

Elliot resets, in a dark room in front of the camera, hearing giggling children. He sees the Monopoly mask and puts it on. He asks whether it is the face of his only friend, his monster. A voice says he is here and he is alone.

Elliot suddenly awakens back in the hotel room, ending the series of hallucinations, and noting that "they all left" and that he's all alone. Mr. Robot shows up and says he's not alone, and that he's (Mr. Robot's) not going anywhere -- they're in this until the end.

A drunk Darlene stumbles around shouting that she is a menace to society. Trenton keeps trying to reel her in and apologizes that "he" never showed up today. Suddenly Darlene spots "him" across the street. They walk over into a limo, where they sit across from men in creepy demon masks who shout at them and toss their phones out the window.

Angela and Shayla are at a bar, still high. They discuss what Shayla will do now that she is no longer drug-dealing. Shayla says she's not worrying. She notes that Angela worries a lot. They briefly kiss in the bathroom. Shayla tells Angela to look into the mirror and proclaims that "that bad-ass bitch" is the only one she should ever worry about.

Darlene gets out of the car, where she finds the Ollie/Angela-CD hacker (Cisco), slaps him, and shouts that it was really hard to find him. He is also revealed to be the boyfriend she dumped that proposed to her. She says that things are happening and they need to move on this tomorrow. He warns that the guys he walks for are not motivated by save the world "kumbaya shit" that fsociety is going for. They kiss and Darlene tells him that he knows what this means to her and asks him to please talk to "them."

Romero mixes up a cure-all for a woken-up Elliot's physical withdrawal symptoms and goes to pull the car around.

Darlene wakes up back at fsociety headquarters to Trenton praying.

Angela gets to work, while no one is there yet. She boots up her computer and pops in the hacker's CD after some initial hesitation. She is unable to get the CD out while someone gets into the office. She ends up popping out the CD manually at the last second and sneaking back out, unseen.

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Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I know -- I broke my own rule. But I have no Suboxone. What I do have? Clinical depression, social anxiety, a day job, a night job, confusing relationships, others depending on me, taking down the largest corporation in the world. And I chose it all.


I told you before -- you're the key to the whole thing. You're the only force of nature at play, here.

Mr. Robot