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Elliot hallucinates his family, '90s style sitcom on an "annual Alderson road trip," complete with a laugh track. Elliot hears grunts and groans from a man in the trunk.

After a sitcom-style opening credits sequence, the Aldersons arrive at a gas station. Elliot opens the trunk to find a bound and gagged Tyrell Wellick, but his father closes the trunk and convinces him that he didn't see anything. Elliot goes into the gas station store to get his mother cigarettes (after his mother knocks Darlene out cold).

Elliot finds ALF in the store, and also Angela, who is on track to be full manager at "E-Mart." Elliot's parents rob the store, with his mother macing Angela. Elliot's father tells Elliot that he can't worry about Angela anymore because she's "one of them," though Elliot insists Angela is his friend. 

The family flees and Elliot spots himself being beaten up (in reality) in the car's side mirror, but the car breaks down. The family pulls over to fix it and get stopped by Gideon, who is a state trooper in this imagined reality. Elliot is shocked that Gideon is alive, but suddenly ALF drives up and accidentally runs over Gideon, killing him.

The Aldersons drive away, with Elliot growing progressively more disturbed and convinced that he needs to escape. Mr. Robot tries to convince Elliot to give in to believing in this reality and let it make him happy. Tyrell escapes the trunk but Mr. Robot has Elliot get him back into the trunk.

Elliot and Mr. Robot argue and Elliot comes to the realization that Mr. Robot has taken over and "buried" Elliot in this false memory reality. Mr. Robot corrects him and explains that it's only temporary -- their destination was the hospital, where, in reality, Elliot was brought after the beating. 

Elliot awakens back into reality in the hospital, badly beaten on a bed in a hospital room. Ray and Lone Star are in the room with him alone. Ray tells Elliot the story of Maxine, his dog, succumbing to heartworm. He believes that the realization that Maxine's life was dependent on a human may have killed her before the heartworm did. Ray and Lone Star leave Elliot alone to recover so he can soon get back to working for them.

At the new fsociety headquarters, Trenton expresses doubt to Darlene that Angela will be able to pull off the hack, especially now that there was a massive attack on the FBI in Beijing, with 4 agents dead, and with the FBI leaving the E Corp office. Mobley attempts to teach Angela how to perform the hack so they can track the FBI agents' cell phone activity, but Angela is just not getting it. He gives her a failsafe "rubber ducky" to use on a laptop just in case. Mobley also tells Darlene that they need more time but Darlene tells him they don't have more time.

Dom meets with her boss, who tells her that psych has recommended a month long leave for her, given that she was present during the terrorist attack in Beijing. Dom refuses and tells her boss her theory -- that it was not a violent separatist group's attack, but rather a coordinated attack by the Dark Army, to get the FBI to abandon their investigation. She points out that the shooters shot themselves rather than to continue their shooting or kill Dom.

At a library, Cisco speaks with a fellow Dark Army member. He explains that he doesn't want to endanger his friends. The man, Xun, calls two other men who grab Cisco. Xun comments that Cisco seems to have forgotten who he is working for and injects Cisco with a substance directly into his fingertip, against Cisco's will.

In his office, Philip Price speaks with the speaker of the house, who denies him a bailout. Price angrily hangs up on him. Price's assistant enters the room, telling him that Minister Zhang has been unreachable. He also notes that the building is surrounded by protesters. Price instructs him to get as many NYPD officers as are necessary to clear out the protesters.

Angela chants her affirmations to herself as she practices completing the hack, making Trenton and Mobley nervous about the success of their hack. Darlene discusses the plan with Mobley, coordinating to meet up at the JW in Midtown. Cisco arrives and he and Angela recognize one another. Angela pretends she doesn't know him.

Dom goes to her favorite deli and chats with the owner Ahmed, asking him how long until he restocks. Ahmed tells her that he is shutting down because no one is coming into the store with the daily cash allowance in place, much to Dom's dismay.

Darlene, wearing a wig, hacks her way into a hotel room at the JW Marriott and begins setting up for the hack. Meanwhile, at E Corp, Angela nervously prepares for her part of the hack. She gets a call from Darlene who asks if they are still on for lunch -- a code for whether the hack is moving forward -- and Angela confirms.

Angela goes to the FBI's floor of the building. She goes into the ladies' room on that floor and boots up her laptop. She encounters an issue when the script doesn't work and calls Mobley and Darlene. Mobley instructs her to change the script, which she does, and the script goes live -- after a brief snafu with another woman entering the bathroom. A guy who saw Angela walk into the bathroom comments on how long she was in there when she comes out, acting suspicious but also flirtatious. He questions what she was doing on that floor but she distracts him by agreeing to lunch that day.

After he walks away, Angela plugs in the femtocell for part two of the plan. She successfully does that and wipes her prints, but the wi-fi unexpectedly goes down. Darlene instructs Angela to get back to her own cubicle where she'll walk Angela through getting the wi-fi back online, much to Angela's chagrin.

At the hospital, Elliot is grabbed off of his hospital bed by Ray's men.

Darlene walks Angela through the steps to get the wi-fi back up from her computer. When she's almost done, Dom ends up walking up and greeting her, offering to let her finish when she realizes Angela is on a call. Angela panics and freezes.

Elliot is thrown into a completely barren room that is locked, left alone and whimpering on the floor. Mr. Robot stands over him and tries to convince Elliot that all he was doing was trying to take those punches for him. Elliot lunges forward and hugs Mr. Robot, thanking him.

Elliot flashes back to when he was a kid and his father was attempting to talk to him about a fight he got into at school, while they were driving in car. Elliot remains silent while his father goes on to tell him that he was fired from his job (at E Corp) and confesses to Elliot that he is sick, and that he's been attempting to keep it from everyone. Ed tells Elliot not to be upset and tells him that he's taking him to his new gig -- he's opening a computer store. Elliot becomes excited and asks if he can work there. Ed agrees and tells Elliot that his first assignment is to name the store -- the first thing that comes to his mind. They drive up to the store and Ed asks Elliot not to tell anyone about his illness. Elliot closes his eyes to think of a name. His eyes pop open when he thinks of one, but we cut out before he can say the name.

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