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Elliot attempts to induce lucid dreaming in order to one-up Mr. Robot.

Angela, tossed in the back of a strange red van, tries to talk to her captors. She tells them that the files she uncovered on the Washington Township Plant are everywhere and that people will know she is missing. They ignore her completely, turning up their music.

In the hospital, Dom has no patience for the doctor trying to evaluate her after the restaurant shoot out. Left alone with her boss, she blames him for having decided to release Cisco's photo, resulting in many innocent deaths. She is sure the Dark Army is to blame and suggests calling in the military because it can be considered an act of war. Santiago tells her that the timing is strange -- the U.S. got back in bed with China, when China gave E Corp a $2 trillion no-interest loan -- and that there is no way the U.S. will ruffle relations with China now that the biggest global crisis of their time is potentially solved via the loan.

Angela is brought to the suburbs and let out of the van in a garage. The man and woman who took Angela lead her through the house wordlessly, bringing her to a room with a fish tank, an old computer, a rotary phone, and a copy of Lolita. She asks what is going on and then sits in a chair. The man and woman leave her alone and lock her in the room.

A young girl enters the room and boots up a very old fashioned computer, telling Angela that the water is running out of the fish tank and proceeding to ask Angela personal and invasive questions such as whether she has ever cried during sex or ever thought about murdering her father. Angela is alarmed and refuses to answer but the girl claims that she will be beaten if Angela refuses to answer. Angela answers the questions after the girl shows Angela her wounds.

Philip Price tries to argue with Jack, getting him to agree to allow E Corp to make E Coin loans. Price warns Jack that bitcoin is taking over and is partially controlled by the Chinese, telling Jack he wants to use the loan from China against them because hard money is dying anyway.

Angela continues to answer the random questions, culminating in the girl asking "Is the key in the room?" Angela is confused by what she means. A call comes through on the red rotary phone on the desk, which the girl answers and hands off to Angela. An automated voice asks Angela a series of questions about escaping from a dark room. She is prompted to mention the key to open the door and then realizes that she needs to repeat the Lolita passage: "The key was in my fist, my fist was in my pocket." The girl types in Angela's answer and leaves to get Angela's results.

Dom returns home and scrubs the blood off of herself, attempting to go to bed in the middle of the day. Instead of sleeping, she has a conversation with Alexa, her Amazon Echo voice service, asking Alexa whether she's alone, if she's happy, and whether she loves Dom.

With the fish tank fully drained of water, the fish in Angela's room is now dead. Whiterose visits Angela in the room, having allotted her a generous 28 minutes. Angela asks to leave, but Whiterose tells her she doesn't really want to, pointing out that while Angela was there for hours, she didn't bother to walk out the door. Angela counters that the door was locked.

Whiterose explains that she was testing Angela because she knows Angela has sensitive information and doesn't want her to release it, pointing out that normally, Whiterose's associates would have killed Angela 90 days ago. She wonders why Angela is special enough to Price for him to tank his relationship with Whiterose. Whiterose claims that Elliot's father and Angela's mother died in order to bring humanity to the next level and wants Angela to drop her mission to shut down the Washington Township Plant.

Elliot, in the midst of lucid dreaming, sees Mr. Robot rifling through papers in his apartment, apparently not seeing Elliot or hearing him. Elliot realizes that Mr. Robot came back to retrieve a cypher message that was left at the apartment by someone trying to make contact. After watching as Mr. Robot translates the heavily encrypted message, Elliot realizes it is a phone number. Mr. Robot dials the numbers and a disguised voice tells him to get in a waiting cab at a particular intersection.

Elliot "follows" Mr. Robot, almost losing him in a crowd.

Angela's lawyer friend watches a news report about the new E Corp e coin loan program. Angela arrives at her house at night and tells her to forget about the voicemail she left her. The lawyer spots the black car waiting for Angela and wonders if she's in danger. Angela coldly denies it and hugs her, saying not to call her anymore and leaving.

Elliot loses track of Mr. Robot, but then realizes he isn't actually following Mr. Robot -- he is Mr. Robot. Elliot opens the cab door and the cabbie addresses him by name. Elliot reluctantly gets into the car. The cabbie asks for an address and Elliot tells him he doesn't know. Suddenly, Tyrell gets into the car and gives the cabbie the address, warning Elliot that it is dangerous for them to be meeting together. Elliot flips out, demanding to know if the cabbie can see Tyrell too. The cabbie doesn't speak English and so kicks them out of the car without confirming if he sees Tyrell. 

Elliot doesn't remember any of the plans that he has been making with Tyrell, but Tyrell tells him that the Dark Army says Phase 2 is ready and it is now up to them. He leads Elliot away.

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Elliot: Just say it with me: Mind awake, body asleep. Mind awake, body asleep...

Mr. Robot, the ever-present silent observer, watching me at all times, even when I can't see him. Listening in on our conversations. He's always a step ahead of me, because he is me. Maybe he's the key to this. Maybe he's always been the key to this. What if I could be the silent observer?