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We flashback to Tyrell meeting with Elliot-as-Mr.-Robot in the SUV, this time seeing Elliot as Elliot instead of Mr. Robot. Elliot turns down Tyrell's offer of working together, telling Tyrell that he is only seeing what is in front of him and not what's above him. Tyrell begs for clarification from Elliot.

Tyrell brings Elliot to a dilapidated building. He explains that the Dark Army, their partners, set it up as a safe meeting place for the two to meet. Tyrell is concerned about Elliot's mental state, wondering if he can handle it. Elliot brings up that Joanna is looking for Tyrell. Tyrell shows Elliot what they've been working on.

Dom and Agent Santiago interview Darlene. Dom tries to offer her condolences on Cisco's death, but Darlene repeatedly invokes her Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to incriminate herself. Santiago angrily brings up the Patriot Act. Dom dismisses Santiago to attempt to convince Darlene to talk.

Joanna goes to see Scott Knowles, where he is holed up drinking wine and looking at a photo of his dead wife, demanding to know why he's been sending her gifts and making phone calls. She wonders what made him want to risk it all just to drive her crazy by making her think Tyrell was calling her.

Scott explains that just before Sharon was murdered, she'd told Scott she was pregnant and they had the first sonogram. He tells her that he wanted her to feel hope and then step on it. Joanna moves as if to comfort him and then insults Scott, Sharon, and their unborn child, taunting him for Sharon having been willing to cheat with Tyrell. Scott brutally attacks Joanna, choking and then beating her, before panicking and pulling himself back in horror, calling 911.

Dom attempts to buddy up to Darlene, also telling her that the group that dropped the bull's ball on Congress fingered her as the ringleader. Darlene coldly tells Dom that her "pretending to care" tactics won't work and that she isn't talking without a lawyer. Dom comes back with the physical evidence, attempting to convince Darlene that they can link her to either the video tape, fsociety mask, or shell casing found at the arcade.

Elliot looks at the Phase 2 plans and has no idea what it is -- it is a building blueprint and a disassembled firmware for an uninterruptable power supply. Tyrell, for his part, is ecstatic. Elliot realizes that the firmware's purpose is to bring down an entire building via a malware-triggered explosion.

A badly bruised Joanna goes to her boyfriend Derek, who freaks out at her condition and offers to retaliate. Instead, Joanna tells Derek to go to the police and lie to frame Scott for Sharon's murder, saying that he saw Scott come down disheveled after the party. Derek reluctantly agrees.

Dom tries to convince Santiago to allow her to try something in order to flip Darlene alone, telling him that they are running out of options since Dark Army is cleaning house and getting rid of all of their witnesses. Santiago reluctantly agrees. Dom brings Darlene to the back room where she shows her the complex network of suspects involved in the hack that she put together. Darlene is shocked to see every single involved person's face up on the wall and realize that, as Dom explains to her, the FBI was onto them the entire time.

Elliot angrily confronts Mr. Robot, asking when he planned all of this with the Dark Army. He decides to stop Tyrell from initiating it, but Tyrell points a gun at Elliot, threatening to shoot him. Elliot believes that he's the only one who is real and decides to regain control by ignoring Tyrell's orders. A frantic and upset Tyrell shoots Elliot, who then realizes Tyrell is actually there. Elliot collapses and Mr Robot begins to flicker in and out of existence, telling Elliot that he couldn't let anyone stop them -- not even himself.

Angela answers a call from Tyrell that she was expecting. She tells him that she's on her way, because she should be the first person that Elliot sees when he wakes up. Tyrell tells her that he loves Elliot and Angela tells him that she does too.

In a post-credits scene, Mobley and Trenton, now living out west under assumed names and working at Fry's, are on their break outside the store. Trenton tries to convince an uninterested Mobley to look over something she found which she believes might allow them to undo everything and go back to how things were. She finally convinces him. Leon walks up to the two and asks for the time.

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Mr. Robot Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

It's one thing to question your mind. It's another to question your eyes and ears. But then again, isn't it all the same? Our senses just mediocre inputs for our brain? Sure, we rely on them, trust they accurately portray the real world around us. But what if the haunting truth is they can't? That what we perceive isn't the real world at all, but just our mind's best guess? That all we really have is a garbled reality, a fuzzy picture we will never truly make out?


Tyrell: Elliot! I believe in fate. There's a reason we met. There's something between us. I can see it.
Elliot: You're only seeing what's in front of you. You're not seeing what's above you.