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Blunt set up an account for his grandmother worth $500,000. 

Hildy and Terry investigate the gun that James Harbach used to kill Neyers and himself. It was manufactured before guns had serial numbers, but it did have a police badge number in the grip.

They tracked the gun to Salter. He had the badge number only a few weeks and kept the gun, but it was his weapon. He gave it to Blunt.

Salter wore a wire to get Blunt's admission that he gave the gun to his grandfather, but Blunt realized he had on a wire and denied ever having possession of the gun.

The DA refused to pursue a case against Blunt unless it was so solid she already won it.

Bill Wilkerson went to Erich upset that he was being accused of being an accomplice since he gave Harbach the gun. Erich forced him to remove his close and then the watch. The wire was in the watch and Erich destroyed it. The CEO was furious his pilot and supposed friend turned on him.

Bill said that they weren't friends. Erich took Cindy, told Bill's wife, made him and accomplice to murder. 

Erich then bragged about how he killed Cindy, their child and even his father. He called his father's murder "a work of art."

The next day, Erich goes to the police station to talk to Hildy and Terry about the death of his father. He blames it on Solter and Bill.

Instead, they show him the warrant to wire-tap his phone. They recorded his confession to Bill and arrest him for murder.

Warren Daniels refuses to take his case. Everyone's left him and he's broke.

Erich commits suicide in his prison cell.

Murder in the First
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