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George asks Nancy and the rest of her friends to help find her sister. 

Nancy finds a wax symbol that smells of sulfur, which is identical to a case she cracked before. She realizes that Ted has been kidnapped. 

George goes to the police. 

Nancy talks to the girl she saved in the original case, and she tells her she had dreams about the "tall thing." Nancy knows exactly what she's talking about. 

Karen realizes that someone has been visiting the kidnapper, Nathan, every week. The cops head to Moira Baker's house. 

Nancy realizes a spirit named Simon kidnapped Ted, with Moira as its human accomplice. She goes to check the hidden staircase for clues, but Nick calls her dad to go with her. 

Owen goes to the diner to help find Ted. He puts out an anonymous cash reward. 

At the hidden staircase with her dad, Nancy flashes back to the first time she was there. Carson tries to help her realize she may have blocked out the events because of how traumatic it was. 

Nancy and Carson find a tree and evidence of a ritual, and Nancy realizes that Moira is going to finish the deal with the spirit that Gomber couldn't.

Nancy burns what Gomber and Moira were using for the ritual, which makes the spirit angry. 

Nick and George go to an old antique shop owned by the Bakers and find Moira and Ted. 

Nancy lights the tree on fire to get rid of Simon, and remembers how scared she was the night she saved Rose. 

Nathan tells Nancy she didn't send Simon away for good. 

Ace wakes up from his coma. 

Bess asks Owen to do a DNA test with her to find out if she's really a Marvin.

Nancy and Carson make ammends. 

Karen finds Nancy's journal and uses it as evidence against Carson. His prints match those on the knife that killed Lucy Sable. 

Carson is arrested for Lucy's murder. 

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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Ted has been kidnapped.


George: It's bad enough I'm already worried about Ace. Don't tell him I said that.
Nancy: Hey, he is in a coma from a car accident. It's okay to worry.