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The Drew Crew tries to figure out a way to stop the Aglacea before it can kill them. 

A girl is attacked in the woods and hit by a car. She says Nancy's name and Nancy is brought to the hospital to help identify her, but she's not sure who the Jane Doe is. 

Nancy finds a series of numbers written on her hand and realizes it's code for "Aglaeca."

The Drew Crew ventures out to buy a mirror to help stop the Aglacea from someone on the internet. They find the Jane Doe's cellphone and discover that her name is Amanda. She and her twin brother, Gale, were going to sell Nancy the mirror before she was attacked. 

The Drew Crew finds a nearby lodge owned by the Hudsons and goes looking for Gale. Nancy, Ace, and Bess walk into a meeting being lead by Mr. Hudson and they are taken to a shed to be interrogated. Ryan tells his father that he invited Nancy there. 

Nick and George find Gale's footprints outside the lodge. Nancy, Ace, and Bess catch up and they all follow the trail. 

They get attacked by the wraith in the woods and hide out in a bus. They find Gale inside who has the mirror. 

To keep the wraith at bay, the Drew Crew tries to distract themselves from their fear. When it doesn't work, Nancy stays behind while her friends make a run for it. She uses her lighter to set the wraith on fire. 

Nancy cracks open the mirror which reveals that the key to defeating the Aglaeca is in a sea shanty. 

Nancy and Gale are arrested for possession of stolen property, but Ryan gets her released. He gives her back the mirror. 

Carson confronts Ryan about Nancy in the parking lot, and Ryan threatens to tell everyone who Nancy really is. 

Nick's truck is returned to him after Bess tried to get rid of it. 

Nancy apologizes to Ace for endangering them all, and he tells her he doesn't want to lose her. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Nick: Hey, Nancy was right. Spiraling about fear won't get us anywhere.
Ace: She was just saying that for moral. I don't think she believes it herself.
Nick: It's not like you to have doubts about Nancy. You were ready to drink poison for her.

Bess: Maybe these are visions of what could potentially happen. You know, not actually our future.
Ace: Like a proposed death. Like a serving suggestion on a waffle box.